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7-Layer Veggie Sandwich

Lunch bores me.

I will leap out of bed for coffee, yogurt, and pancakes. I enjoy planning dinners, trying new recipes, and sipping a glass of wine while I cook. But lunch is kind of obnoxious. You always feel like you should eat a salad, when what you really want is a sandwich and bag o' chips. Eat too much and the three o'clock slump is downright excruciating, eat too little and you're hunting for a snack in an hour. Why you gotta be so high maintenance, lunch?

Veggie Sandwich

That being said, I'm pretty excited about this layered veggie sandwich. You've probably had something similar either out or at home -- it's super simple and quick to throw together. Plus, it's a SANDWICH. WITH VEGGIES. It's a salad on bread, essentially. Mmm hmmm. #Winning.

Starting with good bread is key. I just discovered this Eureka Organic Bread and I'm OB-SESSED. I love bread with seeds baked in and on the crust, and this loaf comes with all that and a bag of chips. (It doesn't. Chips sold separately).

Eureka Top Seed Bread

So, grab your Eureka bread or whichever brand you prefer, toast it if you like, then spread avocado on one slice and hummus on the other. Then layer on the veggies! My go-to ingredients are spinach, carrots, tomatoes, and alfalfa sprouts. Something about sprouts makes sandwiches taste extra fresh. I had to cut those out during pregnancy - I ate a lot of no-no's, but felt the risk was a tad too high with sprouts - so I'm excited to welcome them back into my belly.

Veggie Sandwich Detail

Organic blue tortilla chips are another personal fave, and I'm always trying out new kinds. These are the Fresh Market brand and they were delish! Good flavor, good size, with just the right amount of salt. I also love Tostito's Natural Blue Corn Chips, Garden of Eatin' Blue Chips, and the Publix Greenwise Organic Blue Chips. Contrary to popular belief, not all blue tortilla chips are delicious...I've been duped into some cardboard masquerading as corn chips and was not a happy camper.

I try to add a fruit to finish the plate because you know, food pyramid and all that. You can't beat a slightly tart Granny Smith apple on a warm day! It's crisp and slightly sweet in such a satisfying way. I won't bore you with the list of apples I like.

Veggie Sandwich, Chips, and Fruit

And that's it! A light lunch that includes loads of veggies, superfood avocado, fruit, chips for that salt fix, and bread! This is my current fave, but I'm dying to know about other quick, easy, and healthy lunch options you may know about! Please let me know in the comments below!


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