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Makeup Tutorial with Dior

"How can I get flawless, dewy skin when I'm under rested, over caffeinated, and have only about five minutes to put on my face before my child demands my attention?"

Said every mom ever. Right after she wished for Connie Britton's hair, the seeds to a money tree, and calorie-free cheeseburgers.

HOWEVER! There IS hope, a ray of light I discovered at a recent event with Dior here in Asheville. I went in asking the exact question I opened this post with, and they showed me some great products that now I want to share with you whether you're a bleary-eyed mom or not!

Before we jumped into the makeup, they showed me a few products from their skin care line that were worth mentioning. As a quick aside, I have to say I totally believe that investing in the right skin care products will fix any issues we may have better than just makeup alone. Why cross our fingers that our concealer will disguise laugh lines and age spots when we can use a product to address those issues directly? The ONE Essential serum and eye cream are actually meant to optimize every other product you use, further maximizing your routine. I'm currently waist deep in another skin care regimen, so I wasn't ready to spend the money here, but my ears definitely perked at the "detoxifies down to the stem cells" description.

Another skin saver I sampled was called Dream Skin and HOLY MOLY it's a miracle worker! It minimizes pores and gives skin an airbrushed look. They applied it to the backs of my hands so I could compare. Just see for yourself, the proof is in the pudding...

Poor left hand. Or should I say, pore left hand? (*buries head in hands*)

Next, we moved on to makeup with the Airflash Spray Foundation. If you (like every beach-going American) love some spray sunscreen, you need to know about this. You can literally just spray the Airflash onto your skin, or if you want fuller coverage you can apply it to a brush first. Either way, you get a soft, even, airbrushed look. I loved the way my skin looked and felt after putting this on. It was very lightweight and had a natural look to it. Later in the day, I do have to say it rubbed off quite a bit where my sunglasses hit my nose, but I had been sitting outside on warm day. I buffed it out with my ring finger and was back in business.

After the Airflash, we went all in on the Backstage Pros line. Literally created for use on models backstage at Christian Dior runway shows, the line is meant to give flawless, lasting coverage in a few minutes flat. So basically EXACTLY what I'm looking for! I wanted to see it all in action to truly believe it could be the answer to my prayers. Here are the products I used plus a few thoughts...

  • Fix It concealer is actually a 2 in 1 Primer and Concealer and gave great coverage - win!

  • Lip Glow gives your lips a glossy, natural tint, giving you that demure girl-next-door look. I had it on as well as one of the makeup artists whose hair and skin were much darker than mine, yet it looked equally amazing on both of us! It actually activates based on the moisture levels in your lips (yay, science!). Extra bonus: it doubles as cheek color. So yeah, busy mom whips out ONE product for both cheeks and lips. Check and check.

  • I'm a HUGE fan of eyeshadow palettes because they're so easy and great for travel. This Eye Reviver palette comes with a base, four shades, and a gel liner. Another win for time-strapped mamas.

  • Diorshow is arguably the gold standard as far as mascaras are concerned, but Dior apparently reformulated it to further improve its bad-assery. I really loved the full look with the plumping primer underneath, but in order to conserve time and money, I had to pass. Definitely a good option for date nights when you want a little extra oomph.

The finished look!

Equally important to putting makeup on in a timely manner is getting it off just as quickly.

I do not mess around with my sleep, so when it's time to go to bed, I cherish every single minute, and don't really want to spend 10 of them washing away the day. I'm SO excited that they introduced me to the Instant Cleansing Water. It's a toner and makeup remover that doesn't require any water or follow-up with cleanser. You can literally just pump some on to a cotton square, wipe off your makeup, and hit the hay. It doesn't leave any weird residue on your skin so this product definitely came home with me and I've been using it regularly. L-O-V-E!

While I was busy playing beauty parlor, my Dior guru Paula put Harlow on her hip so I could really dive in to the process. I think they bonded.

Here are my five favorite products after my day with Dior: the Instant Cleansing Water, Fix It 2-in-1 concealer, Lip Glow, the Eye Reviver palette, and the Airflash foundation.

It does bear mentioning that they sent me home with a sample of Dream Skin and I'm totally hooked, so it should have made the final cut. It's on the pricier side, so I may have to save up my pennies for that one. That being said, I'm a big believer in allowing yourself to splurge on beauty products because it's one category you truly get what you pay for. I just had a facial for my birthday and the aesthetician told me my skin was in great condition. You could've knocked me over with a feather. But it IS good to know that the products I'm paying a premium for are working despite everything that's going on in my life.

I checked out with my new swag and the ladies totally threw in a Harlow-sized Dior bag filled with samples (for my use, of course). I can't even with the cuteness!

I can honestly say I do believe Dior has fabulous products that can help bail out a busy mom's beauty routine. I've been using my new lotions and potions for a couple of weeks now and love them! Especially that cleansing water, what did I ever do without that stuff?!

Huge thanks to Elizabeth Hayward of Dior for inviting me to take part in such an awesome event! She's my makeup whisperer, and completely responsible for getting my skincare routine on point. Extra hugs to Paula, Jodie, and Gregory for making my daughter and me feel like pampered princesses!


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