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Midweek Musings

Nothing's better than gabbing with the girls, especially over the really important stuff like popular culture, food, wine, and other goings on. Here are a few things I just have to discuss - join in on the coffee talk by leaving a comment!



Anyone else still riding the Rayna roller coaster in season 4? I'm hanging on but I tell ya, I can't even with the Maddie storyline. She drives me crazy! And is it just me, or isn't it a tad creepy that adult Cash wants to be besties with a 16-year-old and is trying to drive a wedge between her, her boyfriend, and her family? I sense she's sniffing out some sort of payday by hitching her wagon to Rayna and Deacon's daughter. Maybe Maddie wouldn't be so out of control if her parents didn't always give in to her nastiness. Love Rayna, but she's a bit out of touch. Also, huge eye roll for trying to make Deacon out to be a hornet's nest of rage. And for teasing us Scarlett and Gunner shippers with that fleeting rekindling of romance.


The Rising Cost of Fast Fashion

I'll be the first to tell you I'm addicted to Zara - you just can't beat the style, selection, and price! Overall, the quality and taste of the pieces stand up, so I don't mind paying $50+ for a top, dress, or shoes. I've noticed that H&M's, and in some cases Forever 21's, prices are creeping up and I just cannot get on board with that. Maybe it's because I can't shake the memory of paying $10 per item back in the day, but I don't think that's the whole issue. I don't trust their pieces to last more than a few wears, so what's the point? I'm definitely drawn to some of their pretty dresses but I'm just not shelling out $70 for an H&M frock. I'd much rather pay $150 for a dress from a higher-end label that I trust will last and will fetch me more resale value come consignment time. Am I wrong? Have you bought a $50+ item from H&M and lived in it with no issue?



Confession: I don't really "get" Snapchat. For starters, using the app makes me feel like a technologically inept octogenarian - just can't quite figure it out. Content wise, I mean, okay here's a quick video snippet of this place I'm at? I can see how certain brands would use it to provide updates and a personal touch, but...I don't know...I'm not in love. But I'm open to it! Explain the greatness, I'm all ears, seriously!


Flatforms: Love/Hate?

Plenty of "it" shoes flying around right now - espadrilles, lace-ups, pom pom-bedecked sandals - but the one I'm waffling on is the flatform. As far as trends go, it actually splits the difference between fashionable AND comfortable footwear. Pros: adds height without discomfort, great when paired with flared denim, cute with flowy shifts and floral print dresses. Cons: looks like an ice block strapped to your foot. They really require some thoughtful styling so that they don't overwhelm your outfit or your frame. My current verdict is don't over-invest - buy a moderately priced pair and have fun (translation: spend your moolah) on all the amazing dresses and off-the-shoulder tops that are out right now!

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