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#AVLEats: Buxton Hall BBQ

When I moved back to Asheville and started hashtagging loads of '828' content, Instagram got fairly insistent that I check out Buxton Hall Barbecue. Leave it to an algorithm to lead me through the front door of one of my new favorite places. Located in the old Standard Paper Sales Company building in the South Slope neighborhood, Buxton Hall serves up Eastern NC style barbecue alongside a supporting cast of southern favorites with a contemporary twist.

During our first visit, we obviously had to try the barbecue but choosing our starters and sides proved more difficult - too many enticing choices! We mulled over the Fried Cabbage & Bacon (jowl bacon included) and the Pea and Potato Salad (made with local Lusty Monk mustard). We even considered the Bucket of Waffle Fries simply to say we did, but thought it a touch ambitious for the two of us.

Ultimately we landed on the Buxton Buttercrunch Salad for several reasons, many of which involved the words "pecan vinaigrette" and "hushpuppies." And that dog could hunt.

Looking for a libation with which to wash down our vittles, we noticed a section called 'Liquor Drinks On Tap.' Color me captivated. Once again, the small type reeled me in hook, line, and sinker. The 'Family Traditions' cocktail includes bourbon (check), house Mountain Dew (check plus), and house made Tang (check mate). It's beyond delicious, and decidedly dangerous.

We had the cutest third wheel join us at lunch! She slept through most of the first course, but we didn't mind. By the time dessert arrived, she was bright eyed, bushy tailed, and wrapping everyone around her tiny finger.

Speaking of dessert, I don't typically order dessert period, much less at lunch on a Tuesday. Howevs. Most places don't typically offer homemade moon pies. Ask yourself when was the last time you had a moon pie, then forget it because it couldn't possibly have been as delectable and adorable as the one Buxton Hall served up.

We enjoyed every minute and every bite at Buxton Hall, and can't wait to get back to sample even more from the menu. And partake in more 'Family Traditions.'

I highly recommend hitting up Buxton Hall any day of the week, for lunch or dinner. If you happen to go when you have more time on your hands, make a day of it and start here with some BBQ, then pop in next door to Catawba Brewery or two doors down to Vortex Doughnuts. A day in the South Slope life calls for casual chic, a fashionable yet functional ensem. Opt for a breezy midi dress in a fresh floral print (bonus points for a '90s inspired print), then finish the look with a tasseled cross body and bright espadrilles.

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