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Memorial Day Musings

I'm so excited it's almost Memorial Day Weekend! Solstice, schmolstice, we all know this weekend is the official kick off for summer. Pools are opening, grills are firing up, and sales are happening. Like, every single one of my favorites shops and brands are offering some kind of discount, so the only real question is, why aren't there more pennies in my piggy bank? My finger is just itching to press 'checkout' on about five online shopping carts. Speaking of...

The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is on, and I mean it is ON. Been meaning to pick up these white pumps to wear with jeans this summer and now they're under $60. Also eyeing this embroidered mini dress and this totally bougey Burberry dress for Harlow.

J. Crew's got a 30% off sale going down, meaning that scalloped camisole I keep checking out just got a lot more enticing.

From the closet to the kitchen, apparently somebody good at science just shared a trick to make avocados ripen on demand.

Oh good golly Miss Molly, Sweet Tea Sangria is a thing. I bet that dog'll hunt.

Sooo...any thoughts on the Nashville series finale? What are we supposed to do with THAT?

Obsessed with this Festival Garland for a few special occasions coming up, then making its permanent home in Harlow's nursery or future playroom.

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