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#ShopAVL: Desirant

I have to say, I'm so excited to write this post because this is one of my very fave places in Asheville. Located on Broadway Street next to the revamped Windsor Hotel, Desirant is a can't miss for locals and tourists alike. It's a sensory experience: every square inch of space owns a visually stunning trinket or treasure. Think French style armchairs with gilded leopard arm rests, intricately embroidered kaftans, and sculptural handbags.

The luxuries come in all sizes, big and small. Decorative clocks rivaling Big Ben himself hang over chests filled with Christian Lacroix stationery and journals. I'm particularly taken with these butterfly printed storage boxes and iPhone case (available in store). There's something about high-end paper goods that feels like an extravagance from an earlier era, a simple yet classy way of connecting with someone. Maybe I've seen too many TCM films of women in feather-lined robes penning sweet missives on expensive letterhead from their mirrored desks. (And people wonder where I got the name Harlow).

I can't lie, I was pretty shocked to see brand names like Christian Lacroix, Rafe, Calypso, and - my personal favorite - Lizzie Fortunato for sale in Asheville. Shocked and insanely excited! It only confirms my belief that there's SO much more to shop in Asheville than many locals know - but I'm here to fix that! Or at least to start spreading the word.

I'll tell you this: Desirant can single-handedly pimp out your accessories collection. Their clutches alone are show stoppers. Investment pieces, sure, but incredibly special and ready to make a pedestrian outfit next level.

Have I mentioned they carry Lizzie Fortunato? (Haha, kidding!). Their selection is on. Point. They've got all of my favorite pieces, including some tasseled ear bobs that I had on my birthday/Mother's Day wish list! They're pictured below and I've worn them on heavy repeat) Also going to need this necklace for football season (I'm a Tar Heel born, I'm a Tar Heel bred...) and this pendant number which I've been obsessing about since trying it on.

Even Miss Harlow James couldn't resist the beautiful baubles! She's definitely her mama's child.

I highly recommend grabbing a cup of coffee from the cutest little coffee bar inside the store! Only Desirant could achieve a space that's somehow both adorable and luxe. The "See the Beauty in Everything" wall mural really encapsulates the essence of Desirant: indulgences come in packages large and small, from breathing in the smell of roasted coffee to pausing to admire the script of a hand-stitched sun hat.

Be sure to follow Desirant on their Facebook and Instagram pages to stay in-the-know on their latest acquisitions and flash sales. They've been known to celebrate Handbag Day (it's a thing, trust me), and Wellness Day with category-specific discounts. Worth the follow fo' sho.

Desirant embodies everything I believe about Asheville - that there's more there than meets the eye. Beyond the beer and beneath the Patagonia.


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