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Shoop Shoop Ba-Dupe

This very well may be my favorite summer in a few years style wisebecause the boho chic trend is just. So. Good. It's fun, it's floral, it's colorful, and let's not forget how dang comfortable peasant blouses and festival dresses can be. My budget can't possibly keep up with my wish list, but subbing in a you'd-never-know-it duplicate for a higher priced option gives me - nay, all of us - a fighting chance.

Here are some of the best pieces to get your look for less:

Cut Out Tees


Suede Espadrilles


Cold Shoulder Blouses


Printed Peasant Dresses


Embroidered Dresses


The whole boho vibe is an easy look to recreate on any budget from tip to toe. Peasant dresses, strappy sandals, and crossbody bags are shoppable anywhere from Target to Shopbop. Sure, the quality of the items and the attention to detailing will multiply as the dollar signs do, but bottom line: you don't need to pay out the wazoo to get a luxe looking ensemble.

Now go get those espadrilles before they sell out - AGAIN!


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