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Cold Shoulders + Chain Links

It dawns on me that the title of this #ootd post sounds a tad aggressive. Don't let that confuse the issue: I'm totally embracing this look. To say I'm all in on the cold shoulder moment would be an understatement. Totes. In Love. And this embroidered dress from LOFT is my totes go-to.

The floral details give it that perfect boho vibe, as well as the slightly puffed sleeve. Even better news: the shoulder elastic is super comfortable and stays in place well as far as off-the-shoulder pieces go.

For all the nursing mamas out there, off-the-shoulder dresses, or tops for that matter, make breastfeeding so easy! I'm honestly just relieved to wear something without buttons or detachable straps. Shopping for summer dresses can be a bit of a challenge considering nursing restrictions, but this is one trend that actually works in our favor. Bless!

A camel-colored tan sandal may be the most versatile shoe in your closet, and I love the detailing on these stacked heels. The braided straps and contrast stitching make them feel just a little extra something, you know? Plus the short heel gives you a little height without making basic human functions - like walking - a borderline acrobatic feat.

The reemergence of '90s-esque choker necklaces has me drawing up my pendants and layering pieces into shorter statement makers. While I do love a good dramatic earring with bare shoulders, I like mixing it up. Chokers and collar necklaces emphasize the collar bone in the most beautiful way.

The chunky gold chain set the base, while my ever-versatile Sutton necklace added some glitz and texture. And the best metallic is a mixed metallic, IMO.

This. Bag. If you follow me on Snapchat (@thetonytownie), you may have heard me talk about this gigantor clutch. I LUV Tamron Hall on the Today Show; she's a fashion killa and has cheek bones you could cut yourself on. She featured this Zara handheld bag during one of her style segments and I bought it on the spot. It's sold out now, but this large embroidered number by Star Mela is on point.

La Bonita Dress (on sale!)| Braided Stacked Heels | Clutch (similarish) | Gold Chain Necklace (old) | Sutton Necklace

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