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#AVL: Salvage Station

One thing Ashevillians love to do is get down on the riverfront, and the Salvage Station just became the new spot to pull up on a tube and grab a local brew. You can always go by car, but it really is all about making an entrance, right?

The SS caters to locals' love for the outdoors, boasting an open-air bar, frisbee golf baskets, a fire pit, corn hole boards, and plenty of space to spread out. Like, plenty. Currently, they can accommodate up to 2,500 people. With a music stage on-site and plans to build an amphitheater and full-blown restaurant, the SS team is on pace to become one of Asheville's major venues for concerts and large-scale events.

Mike, Harlow, and I went on their opening weekend for our friends' love party (read: engagement party) and were immediately fans. It wasn't particularly crowded at that time, so we really got a chance to explore the grounds. Clearly we loved all of the amenities I described above, but we also had so much fun looking at all of the salvaged furniture, equipment, and sculpture sprinkled throughout the space. A conversation from our tour:

Me: "All of this vintage, recycled stuff is super cool. And so Asheville."

Mike: "Mmmm hmmm. You might say they salvaged it."

Me: "Damn. It was right in front of me and I whiffed."

This PBR tunnel is craaaazy cool! Where did they find it? It belongs on one of those Weird Roadside Attractions lists for cross country driving trips.

Vintage cigarette machine mirror in the women's restroom. #cigaselfie

Lording over the grounds is the trailer of an old semi painted with a mural of Bob Marley surrounded by his albums. It sits on the periphery of the inner courtyard and it's a must-see up close. I have to say I found it very peaceful and joyful. Kudos to the talented artist who created this work of art!

Directly across the way from Mr. Marley is a fence made up of old metal wheel spokes. It's not keeping out any large critters or galavanting chilluns, but it's damn neat and I like it.

So to recap the layout, we've got Bob on the right, wagon wheels on the left, the restaurant-bar to the front, and the French Broad to the back. In the middle of the square you see kids playing, adults relaxing, frisbees flying by (watch out, Marcia Brady), and tunes wafting. Only service dogs are allowed on the premises to prevent any snarly shenanigans, so keep Spot at home.

That's just as well, because the Salvage Station was meant to be enjoyed during the summatime when man's best friend is best left at home. You can check out their events calendar here, or just drop in for a casual riverside chill (only Wed-Sun FYI). All the local suds are available, plus liquor and pub food like sliders and tacos. If you're working on that summer body, there is A salad ;D

Here's to many a lazy Sunday posted up by the giant pibber!


PS - Sorry for the tiny photos :(

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