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Label to Love: Who What Wear x Target

I'm constantly on the lookout for lines and labels that offer high design at a low price. Whether you've got a kid to budget for (as is my new reality), saving up for something special, or just plainly priced out of the high-end market, shopping budgets get slashed for a myriad of reasons while our champagne taste remains in tact. Adding a few new, well-made pieces to your wardrobe each season isn't cost prohibitive if you know where to look. Buying inexpensively is not the same as buying cheaply bee tee dubs.

Who What Wear, the online destination for who-wore-what and wear-what-where fashion insight, designed a collection for our favorite big box retailer and it is THE jam. Described as an assortment of "thrifty thrills," the fashion blog-inspired designs are meant to encourage women to step out of their box a bit, or to try a new pattern or print sans hefty price tag. Each piece runs under $50 (i.e. more $$ in your pocket), and is meant to be mixed and matched with others within the collection. Low on cost, high on versatility.

I love the idea of pushing the envelope just a hair without sacrificing a wad of cash. Tiered ruffles, drop-waist skirts, and bold prints can seem intimidating...until they're not. Most of these pieces can be either softened or edged up with the right choice of shoes and accessories.

The collection is available both online and in stores, so pop on down to your local Target and try a few things on. Some pieces come in more colors than are shown online, and the entire line is also available in plus size. I bought the off-the-shoulder blush dress to wear on Mother's Day and received so many compliments. Also in my personal collection is the black tiered ruffle shirt on the upper left which goes with everything from vintage denim to midi skirts. But just to be clear, this is ALL on my wish list.


( each look online or check your local store's inventory by clicking below)

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