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Shall We?

Today is the day.

The Tony Townie is officially live and I'm an excited, nervous ball of anxious energy.

In contemporary terms: #allthefeels.

Folks, that's a genuine smile, capital 'G.' This has been a labor of love, hammered out between caring for an infant (with only six hours of help a week, PS), restarting my styling business, and running a household that at times feels like a tinderbox ready to ignite into a full-fledged dumpster fire. I've blogged on many an occasion hooked up to a breast pump, downing coffee, watching the baby monitor praying for just one more minute.

Thirty-some posts later, I'm ready to say "I'm ready." Except I'm not, not in the 100% sense. When you're putting yourself out there, it's hard to believe you could ever be completely prepared. Want to know what's pushing me to press "publish?" You. One thing I'm definitely ready for is to start connecting with other moms, wives, fashionistas, shopping junkies, shoe addicts, and anyone who loves Asheville like I do.

This blog is a true extension of me, my passions, and my life. Clearly, fashion is a major component of this blog. It's what I love, it's what I do, it's what I rationalize when my bank account is running on fumes but that top just went on sale. Outfit posts, shopping edits, trend reports, and deep sartorial discussions (*sarcastic font*) will fill the feed early and often.

If one thing in this world tops my passion for fashion it's my new life as a mom. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, becoming a mom is, frankly, the closest thing I can think of to being reborn. It changes everything, it resets everything, it reframes everything. Emotions run high, hormones skyrocket, and you only really know what you learned yesterday. It's a strange new world for you and your baby.

Community and commonality are key when you're a stranger in a village. That's why I started my #Momesty series, blog posts inspired by experiences on the front lines of parenthood. I've found great comfort in other moms sharing their truths with the world, and if I could ever offer a figurative tissue to a mother in need by speaking up, it would bring great joy to my life. True, no two lives are the same, much less two babies! But when we're running low on physical energy or emotional confidence, I hope to put a little love back in the engine.

What else to expect? More of what I love. Music playlists inspired by seasons and situations (ladies, we all love a good getting ready playlist, am I right?). Tunes for tots that won't drive adults bonkers. Good reads, blogs, and books. And, last but not least, Asheville! There are so many amazing places to eat, sip, and shop in this town, a list that grows by the day (or so it seems). Profiles on my favorite boutiques, bars, and restaurants will be posted here as I have the privilege (read: time) of visiting them.

So here we are! We're officially doing this. Here's to the journey ahead, and the fun we're about to have.

With love,


ICYW, outfit details...

Harlow: Romper (sold out, similar here) | Sandals | Bow

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