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Bridesmaid + Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas

In the age of squads, tribes, and girl gangs, brides feel the pressure to bring it when it comes to showing their maids and matrons just how thankful they are for their friendship...not to mention for all the time and money they're spending just to be there on the big day. And at the shower...and at the bachelorette....and at engagement parties...

While there's no substitute for genuine gratitude or checking your bossy bridezilla 'tude at the door, a good gift or two goes a long way in conveying just how important your lady loves are to you.

Here are a few of my favorite bridesmaid and/or bachelorette party gift ideas:

Monogrammed Accessories

Take it from us southern belles, we know how to sweeten the pot just like we do our iced tea. A monogrammed bag, hat, or pair of sunglasses is something your girlfriends will enjoy using both during your engagement and after. Matching t-shirts might look good in the moment and your group photo, but afterwards they go downhill pretty quickly (as in, straight down to Goodwill). Your 'maid brigade will look adorable in coordinating accessories, and the monogrammed detail will make them keepsakes.

(Monogrammed separately; Photo via Instagram @rachmoon)

Spa-like Swag

We women may be complex creatures, but our predilection for products that pamper is no secret. Treat your tribe to a little R&R with these spa-inspired goodies. (Bonus points for giving this gift before a raging bachelorette party to get ahead of the Sunday scaries). If you've got the budget, present your spa swag in a personalized box or bag that is itself a gift.

Gatsby Blue Robe & Romper, Love Ophelia, $88 & $78

(Tip: break up multiple sets and divide among your gift recipients)

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