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Weekend Things | 7.15.16

I've had this weekend circled on my calendar for a long time for a couple reasons. One, I'm co-hosting an engagement party for my best friend at Catawba Brewery. I have a whole email folder and private Pinterest board dedicated to her wedding celebrations, so yeah, I'm excited. Plus, I love Catawba, which you may recall from this post.

Two, due to said fête, it will be my first night away from Harlow, seven months to the day. I'm a mixed bag of emotions, to be sure. On one hand, I will get to sleep in for the first time since December 16th of last year. I almost had to look that up, I've forgotten what a long night of uninterrupted sleep even means. But, on the other hand, I'm sure I'll be checking my phone every five minutes, desperate for an update, and dying to see her the minute I wake up. Please keep me and my inevitable hangover in your thoughts.

Now, a few things to keep you entertained until quitting time and over the weekend.


Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is happening...but not until July 22nd. You can shop the Early Access sale IF you're a card holder (they know how to get you, don't they?). For those who are, maybe you can pick up this striped top to go with this rad asymmetrical skirt for me. That green color is looking to be pret-ty big this fall. Shoppers without cards can at least add sale items to their wish list and wait a week.

Fellow blogger Annie Reeves shares her #Nsale strategy, plus some cute picks from the beauty and home departments.

Speaking of asymmetry, are you familiar with the incredible work from Cameo Collective? It's definitely one of those 'cool girls in the know' labels. While you wouldn't wear these pieces on the daily, they're perfect for an occasion or event for which you want to look fashion-forward, AKA slay. This dress and this top are personal faves, but you should really just check out the whole Composure collection.



Calories don't count on the weekends, right? Treat yourself to a good ol' fashioned Snickers (bonus if it's frozen), then take this quiz to see if you can guess all 10 deconstructed candy bars. Actually, maybe take the quiz first, then go to the vending machine. You may want more than one.

Whenever you're sending out a mass mailing, like save-the-dates, do you ever think of Susan and her weird envelope-licking demise? The author of new book 'Seinfeldia' explains the backstory on knocking George's fiancé off in such a bizarre way. Larry David's all like 'what?' in true Larry David fashion.



Not gonna lie, I'm going through Game of Thrones withdrawal. I'm a book reader and show enthusiast, so I'm in deeeep. Anything GoT related I consume like a baja fish taco: fast and furious. This Samuel L. Jackson-narrated "beginners guide" to the series is mf'ing hysterical (hey, when in Rome!).

Here's a hack for cleaning blinds using a basic kitchen tool. I halfway hate myself for sharing blind-cleaning solutions but here we are.



Yesterday was National Mac & Cheese day and here are 18 ways to celebrate it because let's face it, 24 hours isn't enough time to do that plate of gold justice. I pinned a few of these recipes for a future barbecue or potluck.

Though I'm totally Team Chardonnay (RHOAVL), I have been getting more into rose lately because A) it's pink wine so count me in, but also B) it's trendy and it photographs well. Just trying to be honest. Here's a list of delish under-$15 options. I'm also loving the Oronta Garnacha Rose available at The Fresh Market for $10.



The Big Crafty is going down this Sunday in Pack Square from 12P-6P featuring handmade wares and goodies from local indie artists. Here's the vendor list - it's too extensive for me to count, so...variety!

Old World Levain Bakery (OWL) opened yesterday -- did anyone go? Did anyone go wearing stripes and get a free pastry WITH cheese?!? I'm really into what I see on the menu, especially the ham & gruyere croissant and rotating french pastry selection.

Happy weekending!


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