Recipe Roundup: Weekday Breakfast

Starting the day off with the right breakfast is crucial. I'm still feeding Harlow once in the middle of the night, so I wouldn't say I wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, um, EVER! I need my morning meal to provide energy beyond my Yeti tumbler full of coffee.

Here are a couple of breakfast recipes I alternate during the week to get me going and ensure I get enough protein, fruit, and veggies for both my own well-being and for breastfeeding purposes.


I started making this green drink when I was pregnant because all I could stomach was something cold and slightly sweet. Since I couldn't subsist on milkshakes alone, I came up with this delicious concoction that satisfied my craving plus packed in three servings of veggies.

To make this smoothie, I highly suggest going with a Vega protein powder. It's plant-based, very low sugar, and provides 20g protein per scoop AND two servings of greens. I like the vanilla and coconut almond flavors for this recipe. You can get it at Target, Whole Foods, or order it online.

In your blender or NutriBullet (what I use), toss in the following:

  • One scoop of Vega

  • Torn loose kale leaves

  • One tablespoon of your favorite nut butter

  • One banana

  • Almond Milk

I add chia seeds and flax seeds for extra nutrition. Feel free to add ice if you want it thicker and chilled. Not a bad idea on these 90 degree days.


I adore this breakfast bowl for being both delicious and super quick to throw together. Except for slicing the strawberries, I literally just toss everything in the bowl and get on with my morning. I recently switched to plain 0% fat greek yogurt after reading multiple nutritionists implore us to stop eating the sugar-laden fruit-in-the-bottom pre-mixed yogurts, like Chobani. Admittedly, I was kinda annoyed and thought it wasn't that big of a deal, but I like this concoction so much better than any of the pre-made versions.

The ingredients:

  • One cup plain, fat-free greek yogurt (I buy the big tubs of Fage and eat on it for a week or more)

  • Mixed berries (strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are in the picture above)

  • Chopped walnuts

  • Chia Seeds

  • Flax Seeds

  • One teaspoon or less of organic agave nectar (optional)

Okay, I'm sure the nutritionists wouldn't approve of that last ingredient, but sometimes you want just a smidge of sweetness to indulge in. And hey, they're after our coffee creamers, too, and they can't take it all away for crying out loud. It's just not humane.