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Dupe-ity Dupe

I am hashtag obsessed with discovering designer duplicates with a price tag that doesn't make me LOL. For instance, I just snagged a western-inspired belt from ASOS for around $30 that's practically identical to the $150 version that's been languishing on my Nordstrom wish list for a couple months. Since my seven-month-old just acquired a taste for steak (for reals), I'm pretty happy to keep that extra $120 in my pocket.

I rounded up a few more lust/must lookalikes for you, including my new belt (which you may have seen me share on Snapchat). If you're like me and you get a rush from this kind of thing, check out more look-for-less faves in this earlier post.


This season's most-seen swimwear piggybacks off of the major boho vibes trending right now. Kiini made the original, now popular High Street labels are coming out with their own crocheted versions. Even Target threw their hat in the ring with a similar swimsuit.

Topshop (Top, $40; Bottom, $30) VS. Kiini (Top, $165; Bottom, $120)


Woohoo! Still celebrating what I consider a personal victory having snagged this belt for such a song. I've had the more expensive version on my mind since I put it on my birthday wish list but just couldn't square myself with the price for a belt. I don't wear them that often. Anyways, they're both beautiful. Oh, and the Bri Bri keeps selling out in the silver buckles. It does also come in gunmetal, gold, or rose gold, so if you prefer one of those metals you may want to just go for it.


Way back during my JdF days, I posted an OOTD extolling the virtues of silver loafers and folks, my opinion hasn't changed. They're SO cute! I love these shiny lace-up oxfords to add a hint of menswear to a feminine dress or with a pair of cropped pants. Such a great alternative to sandals during the summer and yet they still work as we transition into fall. Depending on your office dress code, they could make a great desk-to-drinks option, too.


Yes, I'm a blogger. No, I don't own a Chloe bag. (Trust me, it's not by choice). If you're looking for an investment "it" bag, I highly suggest shopping for a Chloe. They're beautiful, come in a wide variety of gorgeous colors, and oh, the craftsmanship. On the flip side, if you want a cute crossbody you can carry from brunch to Bonnaroo, go with an inspired-by budget buy.

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