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Weekend Things | Last-Minute Links

Hel-lo! Happy Friday! Boy have I been looking forward to this day. Monday came in super H-O-T. My twelve-year-old dog's eyes were swollen shut, my debit card number was stolen, my computer's hard drive corrupted, and when I finally got my mess together enough to try and run errands, I got all the way to my destination only to realize I'd left my wallet at home. Once I retrieved said wallet and embarked on Errand Running: Take Two, I was swiftly reminded that my debit card was deactivated and I couldn't pay for anything anyways. With a small amount of cash and about five weeks worth of coupons, I cobbled together enough groceries for four adult and baby dinners, and a partridge in a pear tree.

I also want to thank the kind Dunkin Donuts employee who gave me my iced coffee even though I couldn't pay for it. I think she could tell I was about to drop my basket. I'm so very grateful for her kindness. Thank you for being a breath of fresh air on a day from hell.

Which brings me back to: Friiiiiidaaaaaay!

Wild for Wild Flamingo: J. Crew's latest lineup is blowing my mind. Totally obsessed with these pink suit separates, mixed prints, and this leopard skirt. May need to channel this in an upcoming outfit post.

Get It Meow: These tiny velvet kitty cat Mary Janes are the cat's pajamas and they're 40% off online through Sunday. They've got a great Kate Spade vibe going on. If only they came in adult sizes. Check out these metallic moccasins, too! Total dupes of the Freshly Picked version, but way more affordable.

Deals on Denim: Speaking of Old Navy, they've got a really cute pair of trendy crop flares for an unbeatable price. Size down because they're stretchy and run big. Wear with slingback pumps to work, then switch to mules or platform oxfords for the weekend.

Smoothie Subscription: Daily Harvest delivers organic, ready-to-blend smoothies right to your front door. Choose from fourteen flavors, add liquid, and go! No prep, no mess. Sign me up for the Banana + Greens, Apple + Greens, and the Carrot + Chia (it's supposed to taste like carrot cake).

Candidly Courteney: We all loved her as Monica, but I also hold a candle for CC as Jules on Cougar Town mostly because of her affinity for drinking wine out of extra large glasses. I think she even used a vase once. (#rolemodel) Anyways, it made me sad to see how much work she'd done to her face when she's so naturally beautiful. It didn't look very good, tbh. Apparently Court thought so, too, coming clean to Bear Grylls on why she did it, and how she regrets it. I admire her for owning it and opening up about her struggle. As my crows feet start to multiply, I find myself contemplating fillers and Botox but the risks still scare me away! Ah, the pressures and pitfalls of aging.

Incum-pet: Dyyyyying over this dog being elected mayor of a town in Texas. For a third term. Is this an argument for or against term limits? Hmm...

Short but sweet this week! Shooting some new outfits over the weekend so look for some new OOTD posts new week! I'm going to focus on transitional, multi-functional fashion for this next go 'round -- get excited!

Have a fun weekend, everyone!


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