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Desk to Drinks: Two Ways to Wear a Slip Dress

For a dress inspired by lingerie, a slip dress is a remarkably versatile piece. It's beautiful when worn alone, no question. There's something incredibly alluring about a woman in a pared-down slip dress, sleek hair, and minimal to no accessories. As lovely a picture that paints, most of us only dress like that once in a blue moon. That, however, does not spell the end for our slip dress love affair.

To max out the multi-functionality of this hero piece, the secret is layering. Over top and underneath. Blouses, tees, sweaters, and jackets are all fair game. Your choice really depends on time of day, and the day of the week.

For weekday office hours, a lace blouse adds beautiful dimension, not to mention essential extra coverage. I love the mock neck of this blouse. The scalloped trim is so pretty.

Navy and black is a high-fashion color combo, one that's a bit polarizing. Some love it, some hate it. (My vote: I'm all for it!). This smoky, slate blue looks amazing with the inky black dress, and should feel more accessible than a true navy. White lace would work well, too, but the darker color reads more demure.

I'm such a sucker for cool back details. They're so impactful. Since the slip dress acts as the layer for the sheer lace top, it allows the lace detail to pop more so than when worn over a tank top. That being said, you should definitely have a cami on hand for when you want to wear this top with pants, jeans, or pencil skirts. Hmmm...maybe I should do a post on the versatility of lace tops?!

It's quitting time and happy hour is at hand. Or, maybe it's Saturday night and you're hitting the cocktail circuit. An on-trend bomber jacket and choker necklace gives a slinky dress a sporty chic street style vibe. These two pieces are ev-er-y-where this season, and such ubiquitousness usually translates to accessibility. What I'm getting at here is, you can snag them at a price point convenient to you.

If I could be accused of hoarding anything in my closet, it'd be my shoes and my outerwear. Like, I cannot let them go. Take this jacket. My brother gave me this vintage D&G bomber jacket of his years ago...maybe as far back as college...and I'm still hanging on to it. I'm finally reaping the benefits of the cyclical "what's old is new" nature of fashion.

Flashback to four paragraphs past when I said I love back details. My necklace is actually this super versatile lariat I wrapped into a choker style and tied in the back.

Remember that time I said I love and hoard jackets? Mlitary-style, utilitarian jackets are also having their day in the sun this season. I've had this one for about five or six years, wearing it on rainy days with boots and now layering it over a simple slip dress. Lots of ways to wear this one, ladies. And lots of options out there to choose from.


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