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Weekend Things | Soul September

Guys. How many posts am I going to start this year with "is it ____ already?" But seriously, the summer flew by. It would be a much harder goodbye if we didn't jump right into fall, which is actually my favorite season. The weather, the cinnamon apples and pumpkin spice everything, the return of football, the cutest, coziest's a damn solid resume.

All that being said, we're heading down to Hilton Head for our annual family vacation this weekend! We started going off-season mostly to avoid peak miserable South Carolina heat and humidity, but I must admit, the smaller crowds ain't bad. We've never taken Harlow to the beach before and I'm a mixed bag of excitement and anxiety. I really, really, reallllllly need to unwind in ways a glass of wine just can't fix. I've been solo parenting all week while Mike travels on business -- just in time for the eight month sleep regression to strike! We're talking vicious cobra-level maybe I got a total of 10 hours of sleep in three days. Somebody really dialed up the Mortal Kombat brutality code for ol' mama this week.

I partially blame Mercury retrograde for the insanity. If you're unfamiliar with this astrological period and the havoc it likes to wreak, check out Aleka's Five Ways to Embrace Mercury Retrograde essay and her more recent article on this particular retrograde cycle we now find ourselves in.

As I understand it, the astrological sign during which Mercury goes retrograde determines the area of our lives in which we need to divert our attention. We're currently in Virgo, which, as Aleka puts it, "represents the harvest, the place where energy meets form." In layman's terms, you get what you give. Don't expect to find treasure where you buried trash. The takeaway? It's a really important time to focus on inner happiness if we want it to manifest in the outside world.

My mother-in-law, and by extension my husband, likes to say that "happiness is a decision I make every day." It's a beautiful mantra, not one that's always easy to live by, but a solid reminder that we can often change our experience by switching our minds from a half-empty to a half-full perspective.

Heading into vacation and (I pray) out of a nasty sleep regression, I aim to fill my heart and mind with positive intentions of living in the moment, appreciating all that I am doing rather than guilting myself over all that I'm not. I intend to embrace the journey, and soak up all the "firsts" that we'll get to enjoy as Harlow feels sand, hears the ocean, and sees the beach for the very first time.

I also intend to drink my fair share of pina coladas.

Now, on to some links for your leisurely perusal.


Crushing hard on these blue velvet pumps. Oh, and velvet pumps.

Ready to upgrade my denim with a pair of cute cropped flares and staggered-hem skinnies.

What's fall shopping without a new pair of black booties? Thinking laces this time...

Just as I wrap up my dry shampoo test I hear about a new game-changer from Living Proof.

Sparkly leggings and a kitty-cat dress for Miss Harlow are on the way!


A coconut curry recipe for your Meatless Monday enjoyment.

There's gnothing like gnocchi, especially when toasted and topped with mushrooms and basil.

Did you hear about the grapefruit radler?


These Little Mother's Helper emails always bring a positive vibe to my Monday mornings.

Agree with all 10 of these tips for working from home with kids.

Team Man Repeller discusses Kanye's disaster of a NYFW show in a running chat. Some interesting points raised even if you don't like Mr. West-Kardashian, including a thread on social media's powerful grasp on life, art, reputation, and relevance.

Enjoy the weekend!


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