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LPD (Little Pink Dress)

I find myself in an awkward situation.

For the second time in about as many months, I'm disparaging the name of the LBD.

The last time I went down this precarious path, I asked 'are LBDs boring?'. This go-round, I'm not so much besmirching the iconic closet staple as I am suggesting an even superior alternative in the vein of versatility. Ladies, I present the LPD.

Of ALL the dresses I own, I wear my pink dresses by far the most. I can't say I saw that coming, but it's true. To be fair, I'm talking dressier dresses, not the sundress or summertime shift that's just too easy to throw on with sandals and call it a day. No, when it comes to certain special occasions, a pink dress fits the bill every time.

Weddings. Engagement parties. Bridal showers. Baby showers. Mother's Day. Birthdays. Brunches. Basically any and every occasion in which we celebrate a union, a birth, or a Belgian waffle.

They're girly, the LPDs. Obvious statement of the year. This is the time to embrace it, to forget you ever harbored any ill will towards a lighter shade of pale pink and dive right in. Double down if you dare. Pink heels, pink lips, pink makeup...layer it on like thick funfetti frosting.

A word of caution: keep it classy. Choose a flirty, feminine dress that's balanced in design and fit. A floral midi or long-sleeved shift would be appropriate. A Barbie bodycon? Not so much.

My dress featured here is from Goodnight Macaroon, and it's a fairly spot-on lookalike for the pricier Self Portrait version. Goodnight Macaroon, while a bit lax in the shipping department, does have a good selection of pretty, feminine pieces. Lots of off-the-shoulder tops, lacy dresses, and layered tops. They offer flash sales every week between Tuesday and Thursday, and sometimes they'll feature this dress if you want to keep an eye out!

The cutout floral design of this dress makes me so happy! I've been wearing this Jenni Kayne shift for about three years, so I'm excited to mix another LPD into the rotation. I prefer to wear either a metallic pump or a blush colored sandal with my pink dresses. Go for a black heel only if your dress is a bright or bold saturated shade of pink. Otherwise, opt for a trusty neutral nude.

Heels: Michael Antonio (old); similar here and here

Earrings: J. Crew (old); similar here


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