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Leopard + Lace

You know you love an outfit when you don't even know where to begin expressing your love for it. This top...these pants...I'm downright infatuated with them. Not only for their individual beauty, but also for what they represent: a departure from the same old-same old.

It's so easy to get into a rut with blouses and jeans. I'm not throwing stones, I'm just as guilty. Denim feels uncomplicated, simple, and somewhat benign. There's power in that, at times, but often it prevents us from exploring other options. Like the jogger pant.

In essence, joggers are derived from our friend the sweatpant. Loose, unrestrictive, tapered towards the ankle. They're every bit as comfortable, yet you don't need to be sick or in college to wear them out in public. Depending on which style you choose, you can dress them up for the office, a date, or a holiday party, then down with a fashionable sweatshirt and flats on the weekend.

This boxy 3/4-sleeve top almost feels like a sweatshirt. So. Comfortable. The subtle key hole and wide cuff add detail without taking away from the simplicity of the top. I love the poppy red color, too. If you're thinking "I love it but how else would I wear it?" it would look really good paired with a pencil skirt or flared trousers. Don't make me say the j-word, but yes, it would look good with those as well. (Jeans. I mean jeans).

Not to be like Belk putting up Christmas trees in July, but this look would slay on the holiday party circuit, worn as is or broken up. A little sparkle here, a sequin there, a clutch and that's a wrap!

Speaking of, could someone throw a dressy holiday shindig? Maybe I should do it! I feel like we always talk about holiday parties but then the season comes and goes with nary a fete to get dolled up for. Aside from an office or tacky sweater party which are both yawns unless you work with really fun people or you're too young to drink legally and are just discovering Cosby Christmas sweaters.

The scalloped, unfinished hem is so gorgeous. Kinda funny how it makes them look more expensive, no? Except guess what? These pants are only $52. A steal, a downright steal, especially considering their desk-to-drinks versatility.

Versatility. I throw that word around a lot when I'm spouting off style advice because it's so important to me. Maybe now more than ever as I'm balancing my budget down to the penny these days (babies are expensive). I need 95% of my clothing - not just my basics - to pull double or triple duty. I can't afford to buy something that's pigeon holed for one specific occasion (anniversaries excluded) or limited in how I can style it.

These pants are the perfect 'rock the clock' day-to-night, weekday-to-weekend option. Dressed up for the corner office, dressed down for the corner bar. I love how they look with a chic sweatshirt and fun flats! And sweatshirts are officially "in," which feels like a slippery slope to me but it's true. Don't go for the Adidas athleisure sweatshirt here -- pick one that's stylized with embroidery or embellishments.

I know these pants were flying off the shelves, so get down to Scout soon or call the shop to reserve a pair! Don't forget the gorgeous red top, too! It's by Sita Murt, a line out of Barcelona that I'm excited to see more from! Thanks to Scout and Dema for bringing it to Asheville!

Lace Joggers, Red Top: Scout Boutique, Asheville, NC 828.505.1984

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