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Shop Edit | Lace-Up Sweaters

Listen. I know I post a lot of outfits and looks on here, new favorites and all of that. While everything I share I stand behind 1000%, I have to be honest: nothing beats sweater weather. The right sweater feels like a warm hug on a crisp, fall afternoon...what could be better? Well...a little variety. If we're spicing our chai teas and pumpkin lattes, we might as well spice up our sweater rotation. Choosing between crew or vee necks isn't exactly exhilarating, but this year necklines are getting much more interesting. Speaking of...

I love the lace-up look that's happening right now! Such a cute detail that makes a cozy knit stand out just a wee bit. If you follow me on Instagram (@brooklync82), you know I'm a big fan of this gray lace-up sweater. It is slightly cropped in the front FWIW. I posted it in pink below along with a few more options that've caught my eye!

Olive | Pink (like my gray sweater) | Maroon Dress


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