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Gray Day

Y'all know I love me some OOTDs. It's not just the clothes I love (and I do love the clothes), but I love the process of feeling inspired, taking the photos with Mike behind the lens, watching him get better and better with the camera, and then sharing the final product here on my shiny new(ish) blog. It's what's between the photos I'm unsure about.

{Quick visual interlude}

When I put up outfit posts, I come at it from a stylist's POV. I come at it from a "why I put it together this way" angle, peppered with a "this would look cute, too" slant. It's my way of wearing two hats at once. But I can't tell if it's helpful or effective. Dang it guys, I just don't know if you like it. Should I take a different approach?

One, I could keep things short and sweet, tell you how much I like something, how it fits, and any further recommendations I would make to interested parties. Two, I could weave my What I'm Wearing pics into personal anecdotes that don't have a thing to do with clothes or fashion or style but reveal a little bit more of me. Or three, I could keep things the way they are and just tighten the screws a bit. A preview of each option based on this outfit:

1 | I love monochromatic gray for fall. So soft, so chic. Most of these pieces are oldies-but-goodies that work year after year except my new bag. It's been a favorite since I got it, it goes with everything! (Item link, item link, item link). Happy __day! Off to lunch with Harlow!

2 | Guys, is This Is Us the best show or is it the best show? I made it like ten minutes in before I pulled out the pack o' Kleenex. Not to exaggerate the importance of a primetime drama, but I think we really *needed* this show. It's not fluffy, or vapid, or overly serious. It's It's life. It's a depiction of the hard, heavy, and happy moments that make life hard, heavy, and happy. Usually I don't go for things that I know will make me cry, but this is different! I'm one episode behind, so no spoilers please!

3| Tone-on-tone dressing makes such a visual impact. Fall's the best time to do it, opening the door to layers of tonal grays, tans, creams, blues, and reds. You can go intentionally matchy-matchy with co-ord sets, or make your own with similar shades of color. Light grays and beiges feel like a breath of fresh air in a sartorial season dominated by darker hues...{skip forward}...Add an accessory, cool outerwear, or fun detail to make it really stand out. Scarves and vests are an easy way to elevate your look (the fashion) while adding an extra warm layer (the function). If it's jeans and a sweater you prefer, choose one that's chunky and oversized, or a neutral knit with a cool bell sleeve.

Thoughts are welcomed and encouraged! I also welcome and encourage you to snag this Chloe-inspired bag. I love the size, and the removable drop chain. It goes with a lot, too, and could be carried year round.

Bag | Boots | Jeans | Similar Top and Scarf


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