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Four Ways to Wear Flare Jeans

Come every fall, I get asked this question: "are skinny jeans really out? Can I - should I - wear flare jeans again?" The short answer: yes! By all means!

The longer version would mention that skinnies are not going out of style, despite those click-bait headlines. They're just not the end-all, be-all denizen of denim they once were. It's not a skinny jean world, or a flare's, for that matter. Consider it an opportunity to mix things up and channel a modern take on '70s chic.

Flare jeans and their wide-leg kin look super stylish with a stylized blouse, blazer, or sweater. They're the perfect canvas to paint with some of fall's trendier pieces. Bell sleeves, stripes, velvet, and slouchy knits all look Rachel Zoe bananas with a pair o' flares. Finish the look with a heeled bootie or block heel sandal -- key word "heel!" Even just a couple of inches will give you the lift and length you need to achieve the right silhouette and prevent your jeans from sweeping the sidewalks.

Here are four ways to style your flare jeans from fall until spring!


Ruffles, bells, tie-necks, and frills. So many adorable details dressing up our blouses this season! I love all the cute prints and autumn colors out right now, especially this marigold Ulla Johnson blouse (#dying). Work in other pops of color and texture into the look with a velvet shoe or shoulder bag.


Long and sleeveless, high-neck and slouchy, it's sweater weather and it's time to dress like it. Which means good things for you and me because nothing's easier than throwing on a cute sweater with denim and dashing out to the pumpkin patch (or wherever you get your fall jollies). Wearing sweaters from seasons past opens up room in the budget for fun add-ons like a floppy hat, chunky scarf, or pumped-up flats. They're outfit difference makers and can be worn so many ways.


Another easy option: a not-so-basic blazer. It's the perfect layer to add over the feminine blouses and sweaters we've already discussed. I love the luxe velvets and proper plaids out right now. Of course, you really can't beat a classic camel or navy blazer; they're just so timeless. A striped tee, large sunnies, and a tote will never, ever go out of style.


Admit it: you've been eyeing that cape-slash-poncho and wondering if you're ready to give it a try. YES! DO IT! I swear you'll be hooked. They look awesome with everything from button-ups to basic tees, and feel like you're wearing a blanket. It's almost like you're cheating at something when you're actually winning the fall fashion game. Another fave? A suede jacket. Considering its vintage vibe, no wonder it's the perfect match to your throwback flares. Don't overthink it. A simple tee and boots do the job; accessorize with lariat choker to add extra flare. After all, that's the name of the game isn't it?


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