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Harlow's Closet: New Fall Finds

My goodness, my gosh, I could really go broke shopping for Harlow this fall. Going into Gap Kids is like ordering that one glass of wine that puts you over the edge: you know exactly what you're doing, that it's going to be trouble, but you do it anyways because it's too darn irresistible!

Most of the clothes I buy Harlow (as opposed to gifts or hand-me-downs) come from the baby lines at Gap and Old Navy. You can't beat the cuteness or the cost. I don't love dressing her in babyish clothes; I far prefer styles that look like something I would want to wear. (Minus the hair bows, adults really shouldn't wear those. Or ruffle butts). A peplum cardigan. A toggle topcoat. Peter Pan collars, floral prints, and metallic shoes. Too. Stinkin'. Cute.

If you watch my Instagram stories you'll recognize a lot of what I have here. I picked lots of tops, onesies, pants, and sweaters that can be mixed and matched for the next several months. I didn't really have much for her before our shopping trip, but I was able to scoop up lots of goodies with Gap's reliable 40% off coupons. I highly recommend waiting until they're running a good 35-40% off sale before you buy, especially if you need a lot at one time like I did.

I own the striped hidden onesie on the left in three different colors/prints. They look so cute with just about any pants or leggings, but especially these tutu leggings! Is it humanly possible to resist anything with a tutu on it for a baby girl? I'm also really happy about these pink moccasins. They look practically identical to the Freshly Picked mocs and they're about half the price. They come in tan and navy, too.

Can we just talk about that sweater with the bear hood? It comes in ten colors so you're pretty much guaranteed to find one that works with most of your little's wardrobe. I picked this one because I already had pink, cream, and gray sweaters....and also because she needs something to wear to her first Carolina football game this weekend!!!

Such cute separates that can be worn all together or in stages, depending on the weather. For some reason we're reaching record highs right now, so she can just wear the dress with her little summer sandals. On a slightly cooler day, we could add the boots or even the tights, too. Of course I'm excited for the day I get to put her in this infant-chic toggle coat that I paid less than $30 for on sale!


(PS: Earlier, I mistyped my name and wrote 'Broke.' Sadly fitting.)

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