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Pajama Mama

I'm not really sure when it was that I became a morning person. Remember how every day through your mid- to late-20s you couldn't even bear the thought to leave your bed before 10AM? Then one day you're like, there's nothing but possibility and a big cup of creamy coffee waiting for me! Yippee! I'm ready to take on the day.

Until you pop out a baby and your world gets tossed around like the contents of a salad spinner. In those early days, you have to force yourself to greet the day maybe even before the sun rears its shiny head. While the promise of possibility flew out the window, that cup of caffeine just carved itself into your Mt. Rushmore of morning rituals. So you settle in for warm sips and warm snuggles with your precious bundle of sleepless nights. And you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're wearing PJs until lunchtime on a good day. Sometimes you just own it all day and tell yourself that you're already prepared for tonight's attempt at sleep.

As rough as I've had it trying to convince Harlow to sleep through the night, I cherish my mornings with her. After I nurse her, we just hang out in my bed and play. In the early days, I'd prop her up against my knees and sing songs to her....really anything to coax a smile or a laugh! Now, she crawls over hills of pillows and commandeers the remote to change the Today Show to QVC or some religious broadcast (no, seriously, every time). We sing 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' because the hand motions guarantee a smile and claps. Sometimes she even tries to bait me into tickling her or blowing raspberries on her tummy. We've come a loooong way.

But I still hang out in my pajamas until lunchtime.

Once again, on the subject of 'when did that happen's,' I remember rolling my eyes at pajamas for Christmas presents when I was younger. If it wasn't Barbie, American Doll, or something I picked out from the catalog, it graded out as a 'B' in my book. (Tough crowd). Then all of a sudden it's the holidays and Fair Isle pajamas are a necessity! If everyone in your household gets a matching pair, you've pretty much won at Christmas.

Here we are barely into November and my holiday pajama game is rolling like Tom Brady on a game-winning drive. S-T-R-O-N-G. I usually opt for looser silk pajama sets, but this time I wanted a more fitted pair in a warmer fabric. It's a good thing I love to live in PJs because I have a hard time taking these off. An unexpected bonus? Mike loves them! I didn't see that coming but it's a nice surprise!

While shopping for Harlow's Christmas picture outfits, I picked up this reindeer romper from Old Navy -- so cute! I can't find it online as of now, so maybe it's sold out or they haven't listed it yet. I'll update this post if it comes on, but in the meantime check your local store to find it. I have a feeling I'll be returning to that well several times between now and December 25th.

For the likeminded pajama enthusiasts out there, I've rounded up some of my favorite PJ sets in sizes big and small. Something for mama, something for baby bear. Once again, I really wish children's clothing would come in adult sizes -- those light bulb PJs are amazing!

I'm sure the holiday sales will be gathering steam quickly, so keep an eye out to snag some of these for yourself or for presents at a lower price. Most of these are from Gap, Old Navy, or J. Crew...those places always run a sale even when it's not Black Friday! PS -- those moccasins are from Old Navy and look just like the Ugg pair that costs five times as much!

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