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Geometry Dressin'

Fashion kryptonite. The sartorial eye candy that irrationally rationalizes purchasing yet another iteration of the same thing, only different. I'm personally prone to black outs over blazers, shoes, white dresses, embroidery, and sparkles. When one item combines two or more of my weaknesses into a single stunner, I can tell I've already decided to buy it before I've even tried it on or thought it through.

This is one of those stories. Me and my baby bangs are O-M-BCBG in love with this embroidered dress. The slightly puffed sleeve, the winter white with mixed metallic stitching, the cute-but-not-too-short length........S-W-O-O-N! Put it in the bag, 'cause she's mine! I think you should have one, too.

It's such a great option for the holidays. Raise your hand if your particular party circuit runs on the casual side? Me too. I always want to dress up but rarely do my invites specify cocktail attire. This dress strikes the right chord of dressy casual. You can scratch the itch of wanting to dress up for your party without looking like a rogue sparkle in a sea of sweaters. It's just fun and festive enough without threatening to land you on the 'overdressed' list.

Per usual, it's all about how you accessorize it. Our LWD here is smack dab in the middle of the dressy casual spectrum. You can tone it down with tights and boots/flats, or turn it up with a statement heel or ankle bootie. Surely you've noticed all the jacquard, embroidered florals, sequins, and sparkly embellishments bee-bopping around on boots and block heels this season. If you're wondering how much you'll wear them, I'm telling you here's your chance!

I loved how the metallic accent on my shoe picked up on the dress's gold and silver stitching. I've gone ahead and pulled a few fun shoe suggestions to pair with this dress. I love the idea of a sparkly slingback with it, or adding a pop of seasonal color in blue, green, or burgundy velvet. Remember to add tights if you want to break up the white/metallic palette, or just to warm your legs. Winter fashion is so wonderfully functional.

If you're an Asheville townie, pop down to Scout Boutique to try this one on! I found it ran a tad large so you may want to size down. Dema's shop is loaded with gorgeous holiday wear that stands out from the crowd in the all the right ways. If you want something that feels fresh without feeling too risky - or something you won't see on someone else - I highly recommend popping down to Brook Street to try some things on. (For those curious, no, this is not a sponsored post).

DRESS | Scout Boutique: 18 Brook St., No. 102, AVL, NC 28803 | 828.505.1984

BOOTS | Rupert Sanderson (old), see shoe suggestions above

BAG | Lizzie Fortunato (old), shop the LF site for similar styles

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