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Southern Made: Twine & Twig


I looooove me some Twine & Twig! I first happened upon their unique designs during my Charleston days and since then they've grown so much! In case you haven't heard of them, the line is designed by two sisters, both native North Carolinians who now live and work out of Charlotte. Their designs are inspired by organic, natural elements and accents, which you can see reflected in the horsehair tassels and antler pendants that make their necklaces such statement makers.

Their fall lineup is probably my fave so far. I'm really into the batik look to pop against my black and white basics. On the flip side, I love the warm, earthy tones set off by pops of mossy greens and aqua blues. There's only one problem: my favorite way to wear Twine & Twig is layered two or three deep. Not too easy on the ol' pocketbook. That being said, these necklaces are my favorite way to add some interest to my daily tees, tops, and sweaters. Sometimes everyday wear can feel boring, or at least I feel boring in it, but with a unique, eye-catching necklace I feel much more perked up! They're not delicate, either, meaning grabby toddler hands won't yank it off. That's NOT to say they can't break, but they're not as likely to as a simple chain link necklace, at least in my opinion.

I also love their Carolina Panthers-themed necklaces. SO stinkin' cute! They look great worn over team t-shirts. I happen to know the players' wives wear these on game day, which is kind of the end-all be-all in terms of approved stylish sports attire.

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The Cape Town collection is so vivid and colorful. The beads are made from repurposed glass and are hand-painted by African artisans local to where the materials are sourced. You really can't get much better than that. I love seeing how the owner-sisters wear their own designs. They don't shy away from the Iris Apfel "more is more, less is bore" motto in how many they wear at one time, and the outfits they accessorize. I adore their feminine, boho aesthetic. Like, if I had free reign over their showroom and their closets I'd be the happiest clam this side of the Miss'sip.

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Before I wrap it up, I want to talk about their new home goods. Some ser-i-ous Christmas gift ideas lurking below. Serveware, salt & pepper shakers, a bottle all coordinates but not in an overly matchy-matchy sort of way. Everything pictured below is $40 or less, making these great gifts for the holidays or a housewarming.

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FTR, this is not a sponsored post. I just enjoy sharing pretty things that catch my eye. Plus, I really want to use this space to support local/regional designers who are doing a bang up job sharing their talents with us along with other artists they meet around the world. It's such a beautiful thing how each of us are blessed with talents and abilities unique to our own person. I love watching people shine...


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