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Three Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

Ranking very highly on the list of fall style staples is the ubiquitous blanket scarf, that multi-functional plaid rectangle that looks something like a picnic blanket met a Christmas tree skirt and struck gold. I'm not throwing stones -- look at me! I'm just as addicted to it as the next person. It's hard not to appreciate just how much it can do! I'm not sure I've ever worn it the same way twice. In that spirit, I wanted to share three fun ways I like to wear my blanket scarf when the weather turns cool.


Fold the blanket scarf into a triangle or simply in half, drape over your shoulders, and pull up the ends to rest in the inner crook of your elbows. You can mess around with the fold and how the ends hang to get the look you want. It's really all about simulating the coziness of a wrap -- however you get there is up to you!

2 | CAPE

Fully open the blanket scarf, drape one side over your shoulders, and stick your forearms out, letting just enough fabric rest on your arms to support it. In other words, wear it like a blanket. Let your sleeves stick out to break up the pattern, or consider belting it to hold it in place and wear it more like a coat. I particularly love this option for marshmallow or oyster roasts...any outdoorsy or casual nighttime activity, really!

I loved wearing this scarf as a cape when I was so pregnant I was about to pop! Wearing it like this provided lots of warmth while accommodating my basketball of a bump. Hard to believe this picture was taken almost a year ago! (Side note: the Grove Park Inn's gorgeous Christmas decorations and thematic Christmas trees make the prettiest back drops for fun seasonal photos).


I've covered the 'blanket' portion of the blanket scarf, which means it's time to celebrate its scarf-like qualities! And boy what a scarf it is! All that fabric makes for a pretty chunky scarf, which makes for a cute 'n' cozy look...buuuut it's a lot to wrangle into one neatly wrapped layer. I like to wrap it around my neck once, then tuck one side over the opposite shoulder. If you want an infinity scarf look, just tuck the other side, too. While we're on the subject of 'tucks,' now would be a good time to reacquaint ourselves with the ol' hair-tucked-in-your-sweater (or scarf) trick.

I've owned my blanket scarf for a couple of years now and still pull it out every fall! I think it only set me back $25 or so, so yeah, I'd say my cost-per-wear at this point is in the sub-$1 range. Here are a few blanket/oversized scarf faves I think are worth adding to your closet. Each option costs $38 or less!


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