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Rainbow Right

The minute I saw this J. Crew rainbow striped sweater I knew I'd be driving down to the dressing room to try it on. Something about the uncommon ROYGBIV stripes both inspired and intimidated me. I was simultaneously wondering if I could pull it off while trying to remember all the names of The Color Kids (Red Butler! Shy Violet! Patty O'Green!)

Now that I've ripped off the proverbial Band-aid, I'm all heart eyes for the Skittles stripes popping up on everything from sweaters to scarves. I can't tell if they're part of the '90s moment we're currently having (did I really see a cK ONE sweatshirt for sell the other day? I didn't like those in the actual '90s) or more of a riff on athleisure. Maybe a love child of those two uber trends? I'm feeling awfully Andy Sachs right before she gets schooled on cerulean in Miranda's office.

My sweater has been sold out but just appeared again online in size small, so if you're feeling the rainbow rows like I am, act fast! I'd say it runs true to size (I got a small) but it is a shorter length than J. Crew's typical pullover sweaters so heads up! I like wearing mine with mid- to high-rise denim. It goes with skinnies like I'm wearing in this post, but also looks amazing with flares -- both '70s style wide-leg and cropped. I LOVE this sweater with my black cropped flares and platform oxfords.

I wanted to share some other favorites I've been eyeing. How adorable is that Fair Isle sweater? Loving the colors in that scarf, too, and thinking the pouch would make a great year-round clutch...

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xxBrooke + Harlow

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