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Maternity Holiday Wear

During a time of year when we all want to look and feel festive, we can't leave the mamas behind when it comes to shopping for holiday wear. Being pregnant doesn't count you out from finding a gorgeous dress that feels fabulous and on trend. (Yes, I swear it's possible!). When I was carrying Harlow, one of the only actual maternity pieces I bought (besides the jeans...looooove the jeans) was a nice dress to wear to showers and celebrations. I felt, well, special...a feeling that was worth every penny when I was waddling everywhere and out of breath 500 feet from my front door.

In that spirit, I've sniffed out some beautiful pieces for every stylish mom-to-be to rock around the Christmas tree, from holly red lace frocks to metallic maxis and velvet midis. Something for every babe with a bump!

Velvet: Purple | Silver | Green

Lace: White | Green | Red

Metallics: Jacquard | Silver | Red

For those of you who are celebrating in a less formal environment, spice up your maternity jeans with a beautiful blazer and ear baubles! Or, use them to accessorize your dress. An open-front jacket and jewelry will fit even after baby's born, making the investment all the wiser (everything is under $200!).

Layers: Red | Gold | Velvet

Baubles: Red | Navy | Gray | Necklace


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