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Errands In Oxfords

Basics are a funny thing.

No, I'm not talking about hordes of similarly clad millennials and their Starbucks cups. I'm referring to everyday, nondescript clothes. The tees, the knits, the blouses, the black pants. These pieces we take for granted. Without them, our wardrobes come to a grinding halt. Unless you're Iris Apfel or Scarlett from Four Weddings and a Funeral, you don't run to Walgreens or take in the latest Meryl Streep flick in a fur jacket and sequin gauchos. You need the solid neutral sweater that goes with anything and a great pair of pants to make your butt look good. I said nondescript, not unflattering.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: classic pieces with a modern twist breathe fresh life into a stale closet. Take it from someone who knows. I've had such a hard time with my closet this fall because everything is at least two years old! When you're pregnant, you miss out on buying clothes for an entire season, so once the next year rolls around, suddenly you're staring down piece after piece of 'been there, done that.'

It's also true that babies are expensive. It's truer than true, and it never gets easy to spend that money on diapers and wipes when what you really want is to treat yourself to that pretty new top or dress. Sometimes you reach right in the cookie jar and help yourself to said treat. Other times, you have to get creative with your budget, carving out room for some updated pieces that won't pinch your pennies.

In the fall and winter, I live in sweaters and jeans. Knowing my patterns of dress, I've focused my buying on these areas, adding pieces that are classic enough for everyday wear but current enough to feel "now." Right now, that means slouchy turtleneck sweaters and cropped flare pants. I LOVE these two pieces, and wear them both constantly. Just last night, I layered this sweater over a mini dress with over-the-knee boots and loved everything about it. And these pants. Seriously, guys. You can dress them up or down, for the office or out with friends. They're versatile, comfortable, and affordable. The holy trinity of clothing. Well. 'Attractive' is probably somewhere in there.

For the record, I did not spend much money on these two pieces. Each one was under $40. But with the right bag and designer sunnies, no one would ever know! Pulling off a classic high-low mix of high-end and High Street pieces is like a game to me, I love it! Recognizing a well-made budget buy is critical to making the mix work. A tip? The less design the better. Bells and whistles can look cheap even if they're expensive, so keep it simple.

With the big house move happening this weekend, I'm about to live in casual basics for the foreseeable future. Basic, but not boring.



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