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Winter Style: Faux Fur Accessories

*older styles have been linked to similar items*

Here we are in January, with the holidays behind us and nothing but cold winter weather staring us straight in the face. Once we get our one good snow of the year under our belts, we'll all be pining away for spring. Yet we must persevere and find ways to turn the dreary to cheery! Usually for me that means a cute outfit. Correction: that means a cute, warm outfit.

No other time of year forces fashion and function to get along quite like wintertime. The compromise lies in the layering pieces, the pretty frosting on a cuddly cake of an outfit. Scarves, stoles, hats, and mittens help us survive sub-freezing temps while simultaneously resuscitating (or disguising) bulky winter basics, pallid skin, and electro-static hair.

Adding a faux fur accessory to your winter ensem lends a touch of luxe and extra layer of warmth. A fur stole goes with almost every outerwear option you own, looking especially fetching worn over a long wool coat. Which works out well because the weatherman says it's time to dig out those heavy winter coats from the back of your closet!

Triple your money by opting for a coat, cape, or sweater with a removable fur collar. You can wear the piece with or without the fur detail (options one and two), or add the collar to a different jacket in your closet (option three). I do this all the time with the fur collar that came with my poncho I bought last year. It's the same one you see with the wool coat and sweater dress...and...get ready for's what I used to make my babushka hat for our Christmas card this year.

Like I said. Options.

I've scoped out a few stand-alone fur stoles as well as some that come as part of a coat for this Shop Edit. As you can probably tell by the title, every item is faux fur, so you can feel responsible in your excessorizing. I picked out a few furry hats, gloves, and earmuffs that are real outfit-makers, too!


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