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Leather Jacket + Librarian Buns

Happy hump day everybody! I wore this on a recent rare outing with my husband sans baby and I felt SOOO good about it even though I only had about thirty seconds to get ready. Whenever I'm crunched for time (which, these days, is just about 24/7/365), I revert to a formulaic approach to getting dressed. So for a date night, my fashionable-in-under-five-minutes equation looks something like this:


Inevitably all of us have those moments when we need to reach in our closets for ol' reliable. Usually it's when we're late for work, or our children need our attention...or perhaps because we melted down over an outfit fail and now we're in our bra and panties cursing our clothes and our stupidity for ever thinking they looked good on us.

On this occasion I just needed to look cute in a time crunch and by now I know what looks good on me (self-diagnosed "modern chic" style profile), what goes together (neutrals-on-neutrals always work), and what makes me feel captivating (a mix of feminine and edgy with pretty hair and makeup).

I bought this leather jacket when I was in Paris a few years back, and whether it's because it's softer than 5000 thread count sheets or if it's simply that it came from Paris and is therefore fabulous, I always know that I'll feel happy and confident when I wear it. It's pieces like these - beautiful, rare, investment pieces - paired with a $30 high street sweater dress that make fashion so fun!

*older styles have been linked to similar items*

I love this sweater dress because I'm really into icy winter whites and versatile day-to-night pieces I can dress up or down. I like to wear it with flats or casual boots during the day then switch up the styling for a night out. (I dressed it up with some winter fashion faves in this recent outfit post). The cut out booties and leather jacket added a lil' spice to the otherwise prim dress. I still wear this jacket fairly regularly but these old Zara booties don't come out to play too often these days. It was fun to wear these oldies-but-goodies again!

Let's all pour a little out for the fancy shoes in the far corners of our closets that don't get nearly the love they deserve! I miss you, too, sassy shoes.


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