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Midweek Blues

Right now we're in that post-holiday, pre-spring time of year in which we've ditched our sparkles but can't don our dresses and sandals quite yet. The charge d'affaire of fashion refers to this quarter as "resort" and it's often earmarked by nautical blues and maritime hues. These colors make me think of sun-kissed days spent by sand and sea. Or dock and lake. Really anywhere vacationy that you can get on a boat or need sunscreen.

Who knows, maybe we'll all be shopping for SPF by the end of the week -- the weather has been SO crazy lately! Snow storms followed by sixty degrees and sunny. There really is no woman quite as volatile as Mother Nature. She always keep us guessing!

This tease of spring has made me so into color though! (Other then my ninja-mom outfits of head-to-toe black lycra.) Dressing colorfully really lifts my spirits, especially when it's dull and gray outside. I just got this blue tote as a gift and it inspired me to build a whole look with different blue tones and patterns! I love it because I can pop on some nude pumps for a client meeting and then switch back to flats before I go pick up Harlow.

Dressing top-to-toe in different shades of the same color is a fun way to build an outfit around pieces you already have in your closet. A navy blazer...a gingham blouse...jeans?! This outfit practically puts itself together. I mixed in another print with my plaid scarf which added that "third piece" extra interest to my outfit (the fashion) and is easy to take on or off as the weather goes about it's crazy business (the function).

The only thing easier is shopping my outfit posts from now on! Just click the links above or the widgets below to go straight to the items you see me wearing. (I'm going to try and add a place on the homepage where you can see and shop past outfits but one step at a time, right?)


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