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Taking More Time | JORD Wood Watches

Mamas. We're superwomen. Every time I think about my new life as a mom, that famous Peggy Lee song comes to mind: "I can rub and scrub this old house 'til it's shinin' like a dime. Feed the baby, grease the car, and powder my face at the same time...cause I'm a WOMAN. W-O-M-A-N. I'll say it again." We do it ALL, and sometimes we do it all at once. I never knew I'd be so good at walking the dogs while emailing clients while singing to Harlow while slow cooking tonight's dinner. Wanna know if I'm good at multitasking? You have no idea.

Only...when you're so good at doing it all...and you're so used to doing it becomes harder and harder to just...stop. For just a little while. To remind yourself that the world will not stop spinning if you take time out for yourself. Time to breathe, time to reflect, time to open yourself back up to your surroundings and reconnect with the elements. To inhale when a breeze of fresh air kisses your face. To smile at the sunshine glinting off a softly rippled lake. To take in the beauty of naked winter trees, the gorgeous texture of the wooden bark and the annual promise of rebirth and renewal.

A young mother in a blush pink sweater wears a JORD Wood Watch to keep track of life's precious moments.
A happy young mom clutches her wide brim hat and shows her JORD Wood Watch.
A young mom takes in the beautiful outdoors and shows her JORD Wood Watch.


Coming into a new year inspires many of us to accomplish and achieve goals that have either eluded us or that we have yet to pursue. A beautiful, noble commitment to ourselves and our "things" but sometimes these resolutions apply pressure to "do" and "be" more than we were. I like the idea of self-improvement, but we must also remember to practice self-worth and self-care. So while you're vowing to reinvigorate your body or your business, let's not forget on our journey forward that we need to throttle back and spend time and show tenderness with ourselves.

I'm finding small ways to send a little more love my way. One big one for me is putting my phone down. Instead of reaching over to the nightstand to grab my phone and check Instagram first thing in the morning (sad but true story), I now begin my day by reading something that inspires me. Rather than finding self-worth in a "like," I'm setting my foundation each day by feeling lifted and loved by awesome people saying and doing awesome things.

A happy young mom takes time for herself as she enjoys her new JORD Wood Watch.
Layers of blush pink winter styles frame the wrist of a young mom wearing her JORD Wood Watch.
A young mom smiles as she stands by the lake admiring her JORD Wood Watch.
A young mom happily gazes at her JORD Wood Watch, dressed in soft blush pink winter layers.
A young mom carries her Louis Vuitton diaper bag with colorful pom pom charms with her JORD Wood Watch on her wrist.


Tangential to this is keeping my phone in my pocket or purse while I enjoy daily activities with Harlow. Sometimes I feel like I just wake up and realize that time is flying by and these cute faces and silly games she's playing will be gone in a why on Earth am I checking my email for the fifth time in two hours?!

Staying off the WWW is easier said than done because our phones serve so many functions. Beyond the internet, we all use our devices as cameras and clocks, too. So, to help me stick to my plan, I started wearing a watch. (One thing we mamas know: we are ruled by the clock! #naptime #momtime #tonightwillbehellifimessthisuptime) I realized how much I missed the look and feel of a men's-style watch on my wrist. To be frank, I stopped wearing a watch when I felt that every single person on the planet was wearing a metallic Michael Kors wrist watch. I wanted something a bit more personal and unique. When I first saw another blogger wearing a wooden watch I wasn't sure I'd ever seen anything like it...and that's what hooked me.

Standing on the shores of a lake, a young mom checks the time on her JORD Wood Watch.
The Koa and Ash JORD Wood Watch styled on a woman's wrist with mixed metallic bracelets.
A young mom in a blush pink sweater casually styles her western belt and girlfriend jeans with her JORD Wood Watch.
A young mom in a wide brim hat and blush pink winter layers displays her arm paty with a JORD Wood Watch.

The JORD watches are so beautifully crafted -- it's hard to believe they're made out of wood! I loved the various designs and colors, but ultimately landed on this one. The gunmetal ash of the face goes with the bangles and bracelets I wear a lot, and I liked the warmth of the natural koa wood. Other reasons I love my JORD watch:

  • It's very lightweight

  • It comes pre-sized -- I do not have time to take my squirmy toddler somewhere to get my watch sized so this service was very much appreciated!

  • The minimal design is classic in style and makes it very easy to read. When I was in Paris I saw the most chic woman wearing a very classic, simple watch and it made me want one of my own. And now I have it!

Mike actually loves it so much that he's asked for one for himself for Valentine's Day! You can check out all the men's styles for your hubby or honey by clicking here -- or treat yo'self to one of your own by shopping the women's watches!

Speaking of treats, I'm sweetening things up for everybody by hosting a giveaway for a JORD watch of your own! By simply clicking the link below, you will be entered to win $100 to use on the JORD site to pick out a watch for you or a loved one. And just for entering you will receive $25 at the end of the giveaway to use towards a JORD purchase. So pretty much everybody wins -- and that makes me happy!

You can (you should!) enter the giveaway here! The giveaway will close on February 26th at 11:59 PM.


When I was educating myself on the JORD company and its products, I saw this blurb on their website that really resonated with me:

"The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes, and your watch should tell you more than time."

As a mom taking time to enjoy the fleeting, precious moments of her daughter's childhood, while also remembering to take time for myself, I could not agree more.


JORD Wood Watch in Koa and Ash sits in its embossed wooden box in a wintry garden.

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