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Spring Things for Tiny Tots

Are we excited it's officially spring or what?! Ever since the time change and sunny skies returned, the mood around our house has been so much lighter! I'm in total spring shopping mode for the house and for Harlow. She's really outgrowing her current clothes and with the change in season it's a smart time to start switching her closet over. I want to start adding in bright, colorful separates that I can layer with jackets, leggings, or tights while there's still a chill in the air. For some reason mixing prints on a little girl is sooo much fun and somehow feels way easier than doing it for ourselves!

I pulled some pieces from our recent shopping trip to Gap Kids and Old Navy, as well as some goodies from other favorite stores. For the first time, I also pulled together some adorable pieces and outfit ideas for little boys! I realized that I was just focusing on baby girl clothing and that some of you may want to see cute things from the other side of the store, too. Plus I do like to pull some things for Harlow from the boy's department -- they have great shoes, sweaters, and jackets that I like for her! We got her the yellow rain slicker instead of the pink one in the girl's section because it's just so cute and iconic.

Spring clothing for little girls handpicked by mom and style blogger Brooke Williams of The Tony Townie

Spring clothing for little boys handpicked by mom and style blogger Brooke Williams of The Tony Townie

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