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Seersucker For Springtime

On Sunday we spent the whole day doing fun family things together around town! We started with an early breakfast at Cracker Barrel because I shot out of bed that morning and demanded we go get waffles LOL! (Tip: Cracker Barrel doesn't actually serve waffles but their french toast is a fantastic substitute.) After Harlow's nap it had warmed up quite a bit so we decided to go explore the NC Arboretum. I've been dying to get some springy photos of Harlow looking all grown up in her pigtails and new peplum top. This time last year it was all cotton onesie after cotton onesie because she was so young (read: poop machine), but now she's really becoming her own person and I just love watching her bubbly, social butterfly of a personality come through. I try to dress her in cute clothes that still let her frolic and play as freely as she wants.

We parked at the Arboretum and tried to get Lo to sit in the soft grass with me to take some mommy-daughter photos. Um, no. Girlfriend beelined for the concrete sidewalk to go chase down some big kids. She even stood up and acted like she was going to run after them and then realized she doesn't know how yet, poor dear! We're really hoping she starts trying to walk more consistently soon. What she IS doing on repeat is pointing at and naming things, so we took our busy bee on a walk around the gardens to see all the flowers, plants, fish ponds, and pagodas. I can't wait to go back after everything blossoms! There's this massive wall of rhododendron I just have to see when it blooms.

After she got her wiggles out, I changed her into a seersucker shift dress with a matching bow to try to take some photos one last time. This time she played right along! It was like she knew she was in a nice dress so it was time to behave, whereas before she was in fun, casual clothes and just wanted to play! We brought our friend Lambie to sit with us while daddy took our picture, and Harlow loved kissing and cuddling on him. She's really starting to show her lovies and teddy bears more attention. Sometimes I walk in her nursery in the morning and she's just hugging her teddy. Of course my heart just about swells out of my chest from the cuteness of it all....

I'm so excited to shop for clothing other than bodysuits for Harlow now that she's older and we're a much more active family. We have lots of fun trips planned this year -- the zoo and Charleston are just some of them! -- plus some family photo sessions already on the books, so I really want some nice things that will look good but Harlow will enjoy wearing. I really have to think about the quality and durability of the clothes because she's definitely going to rub grubby hands all over them, go crawling through the grass or drop a strawberry down the front of her dress, and they have to hold up to lots and lots of wash and wear. Just the other day I put Harlow in a Carter's bodysuit we got as a gift and within a couple hours of wearing it inside on a pretty low-key day, there was already a hole in it!

I'm also never ever going to dress Harlow in those weird ruffled bell bottom pants. They're just too much for me, and they're usually pretty expensive! I far prefer simple silhouettes and pretty prints for special occasions or when I feel like splurging a little.

What I love about the Selah Bea line is that it's designed by a mom of two little girls who considers the children wearing the clothing as much as her actual designs, if not more. Her design aesthetic is clean and classic in tribute to her southern roots, but more than that, it's so that the personality of the child wearing her clothing shines brighter than the pieces themselves. I adore that philosophy. Yes, her price points are a tad higher but that's because everything is handmade and really high quality. When I got Harlow's shorts she's wearing in these photos, I immediately felt the difference in the fabric and construction. They're just so well done, and that print is the cutest!

Next Saturday, March 18th, Selah Bea is having their debut runway show at Engaged where all of Katie's designs will be made available for purchase and you can see every piece in the collection up close and personal. Oh! And they'll be modeled by the sweetest, cutest little girls you've ever seen! I'm going to be there hosting the event and I'd love to see you there! If you're shopping for a little girl of your own or one you love just as much as your own daughter, it's a can't miss! Especially if you're looking for an Easter dress or Mother's Day outfit.

Because it's an adults-only show (besides the models) and it's a true collection debut, the runway show is a ticketed event. You can buy your tickets by clicking here: Little Pearls On The Runway.

I would absolutely love to see you at the show! I hope you have a fabulous day -- we're getting close to the weekend!


Harlow is in the Virginia Grace top, Penelope Claire shorts, Millie Kate dress and Libby James Bow c/o Selah Bea

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