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What I'm Packing For Austin

I can't believe I head to Austin this week for my bestie's bachelorette party! I don't know about you but I have the most terrible habit of spending money shopping for the trip instead of just saving it for when I get there! I'm not sure at 34 years of age that I'm ever going to break it and I'm okay with that. When I travel sans child, I relish the chance to get dressed without having to think about logistics and washing instructions. I can just put on a cute, short dress and wedges and embrace it instead of worrying 'will I flash the state of Texas every time I bend down to pick up my daughter or the mass casualties of carrots surrounding her highchair?'

Couple my 'free at last!' mentality with spring fever and I've been tearing up the internet and local shops hunting down new favorites to take on my trip. It's supposed to be in the high 70s the ENTIRE time -- wahooooo! Austin is such a colorful, vibrant city that I want my wardrobe to match. Plus margaritas and girl time are best enjoyed in something bright and girly in my opinion haha!

I am SO happy that all the top trends for spring 2017 are incredibly fun and feminine. I'm even happier that this spring/summer I can shop and wear loads of dresses without having to consider breastfeeding. Shirt dresses are wonderful but shift dresses are really where it's at for constant, day-to-day wear you know? I tried to force the issue a few times and wound up half naked feeding Harlow in a bathroom stall and I'm here to tell you right now, that sucked! But not this year!

My packing list is made up of new arrivals and old standbys that I can wear from day into night if need be. (Of course I have a sassy new dress for our big night out but it hasn't arrived yet -- come on Mr. Postman!) I laid them all out on the bed and realized they all fell into a few of spring's trendiest styles which made it really easy to sort and to share with you all before I head out.


Ruffles are everywhere! In every store and on just about every sleeve, collar, or cuff. What I love about it is that it makes simple tops and dresses so much more interesting and takes away the need to think too much about accessorizing.

The blue and white co-ord set looks super cute worn together or apart. I just wore the top under a navy blazer with jeans and ankle booties for a Sunday trip to Catawba Brewery and got a lot of compliments on it. I really want to wear the skirt with a peachy tank when it gets warmer. I did have to size down for both pieces. I got a small top but would've gotten the XS if they'd had it in stock. I wound up getting a 2 in the skirt so it would fit more snuggly on my waist but I'm not sure it's that much different than the 4. So take in a few size options when you go to try on.

I LOVE a white ruffle shoulder tee under overalls! I plan on wearing it with flat or stacked sandals. This tee was under $20, fit well, and felt like good quality for the price.

I'm really excited about wearing this pink Zara dress after I get my airbrush tan at Bella Sole later today LOL! My pale winter skin and bright shade of blonde needs a little more color against that bronzy shade of pink. I just got that long lariat choker from Bauble Bar to wear with girly dresses and it's awesome! It's on sale for just $24 for a limited time and comes in nude, gray, or pink.

The Chloe-dupe Marc Fisher wedges are just as popular this season as they were last spring -- hooray for that! They're really comfortable but they do rub my ankles after awhile, a problem easily solved by Blister Block. (Always keep some in your purse, ladies!) I'm definitely packing this Louis Vuitton bag because the strap is removable and I can carry it as a cross body or clutch. Versatility is the KEY to packing for vacation! As you can see, most of the accessories in this picture are a go-with-everything neutral that I can wear with these options or other outfits in my bag.


Can everything just have some beautiful embroidery on it please? This picture doesn't do these pieces justice; they're soooooo gorgeous in person! The embroidery makes them feel extra special -- AKA worthy of taking on my Austin getaway! -- but they're still casual enough for daily wear when I'm at home with Harlow.

The blue star dress (last seen here) I got for my birthday last year and it's back this season! I always get so many compliments on it and stars are a major pattern at play this spring. It is a mite short, though, but I am 5'8". And last year I did have breastfeeding boobs so things are fitting a little differently this year LOL!

I scored the middle dress from a lovely boutique here in Asheville called Minx. They're so reliable for carrying feminine, colorful pieces at very reasonable price points. They often post their latest-and-greatest on their Instagram page on on their blog. This dress is by THML and comes in other similar styles and colors. I got a medium because they were running low on sizes and it fits perfectly.

The black Free People dress is another hold out from season's past but it's still super on trend! I found this one by following my favorite consignment store, Ensemble, on Instagram. She posts the best of her newest arrivals and you can shop it right from your phone! I got lucky on this one but you can shop this dress new in lots of different colors including marigold, blue, and white. And of course these pink drop earrings.

YES!!! I got the Cult Gaia Ark Bag! After admiring it on Julia Engel for so long I finally took the plunge and got it for myself. I did a little research and decided on the small size. It is so freaking amazing in person. The slats aren't as wide as you'd think so I'm not worried at all about my stuff falling out. I mean, you have to be smart and not drop your credit card straight in there but your wallet, cell phone, lipstick, and keys will be A-OK. Also, it's sold out on Shopbop still but you can buy it on Cult Gaia's own website. They're raising the prices on it pretty swiftly so if you're close to pulling the trigger I'd go ahead and do it.

My necklaces are from Twine & Twig (last seen here) and I could not love them more. They go with so much and are seasonless. I bought these in the fall because I loved their autumnal colors and tones, but they work just as well for spring. They're super durable so I feel comfortable wearing them with Harlow grabbing at them. They just came out with some pink colors for Valentines/spring and I'm obsessed.


Pops of pink and cute pom pom details are making it really fun to get dressed right now. I kind of think they speak for themselves so I won't go into too much detail. I will say that the pink loafers double as slides (or mules, if you prefer) and I wear them ALL the time. They look so cute with jeans and skirts and dresses. So pretty much everything!

These sunglasses were under $13 and come in 14 colors!

Love pairing this pom pom clutch with both neutrals and brights!

The rose gold rice beads just came out in green and magenta for spring, and the same designer made my earrings. Her work is just adorable and she also curates a killer collection of vintage jewelry and accessories.

Yarn necklaces are really becoming quite the thing! I found this downtown at Minx, the same boutique where I got the light blue embroidered dress.


Can't wait to share some pics from our trip! All the G rated ones anyway :D

Hope you're all having a fabulous Tuesday!


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