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Straw Bags + Market Totes

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Don't these bags just make you so happy to look at? They make me think of everything that's so happy about summer! Vacations, tans, seafood, long days, beach trips, exploring new towns, seeing friends and family you've been missing...all the good stuff that's coming our way in just a few short weeks!

Carrying a colorful straw bag has lots of perks I've found. For one, it can wake up an average outfit with a pop of color, or can add an extra layer of cheer to a bright summery ensem. Two, the totes are super functional and versatile. Obviously loading them up with towels, a beach read, and other seaside essentials is a given, but they also make great about-town bags if you're going to spend the day adventuring from place to place, or heading out for the day with the family. I even packed an entire weekend's worth of stuff in mine -- as in all my clothes/shoes/makeup/toiletries -- and could reuse the bag for going to the pool or into town after we arrived and I unpacked. You could even put the clutch in as a coordinating, beach-friendly bag to stow cash clips, phones, and lip balm in, then reuse it at night for a handbag.

A plain straw bag can be cute, too, especially if they're mini-sized or come in a fun shape like a circle shoulder bag. But I like color and print for my sunny summer days! And I rarely meet a pompom or tassel I don't like, so these are right up my alley :D A lot of these are super affordable, as in under $35. Honestly, even though I'm always that girl who blindly picks out and likes the most expensive thing in the store, this time my favorites are from Francesca's, Target, and Steinmart! (I can't say that name without thinking of high school) even though I already have a pompom clutch and tasseled straw tote, it's hard to say 'no' to darling bags at great prices!

Anywhere else that you've found selling cute straw bags for a good deal? Hope this brought the same 'wistful for summer' smile to your face that it brought to mine! Have a bright sunshiny day xoxo 💜 Brooke

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