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Weekend Recap + Earring Obsessions

'Ahhhh' was the word of this past weekend. We've been going full speed ahead for so many weeks (and weekends) in a row that it was really nice to do regular weekend stuff. I've realized that I'm one of those people who can't do the same old-same old for too long or else I'll get bored and resentful, but I do need structure and routine in my life so that it doesn't get too out of whack in one way or another. Does that make sense?

Anyhow, we kicked off the weekend this past Friday with some fun shopping around town, starting with our bi-weekly Target run and of course the now infamous car fight I caught in my Insta-stories! LOL so many of you messaged me to laugh about that which just made it even better :D Shopping in Target is already dangerous business bc of the risk of buying lots of fun yet totally unnecessary things...and I'm quickly figuring out that shopping at Target on a Friday pay day makes it even worse! I totally did not need this crochet dress but as I'm really into A) bright colors and B) the boho chic vibe this season, it came home with me.

Side note: this outfit is kinda my approach to the whole shopping save vs. splurge equation. The shoes were a splurge last year, while the trendier dress and earrings were both budget buys. Spend your money where you'll get the most use out of it! Shoes and bags are the first categories that come to mind...

After Target we traveled up Tunnel Road to hit up Whole Foods and DSW with a surprise stop into Elementality...which was the BEST decision I could've made because I found this t-shirt dress that is the best thing I've put on all year. It is the softest material that just skims the body, and as Friday was blazing hot at like 10:30 in the morning, I couldn't take it off once I tried it on and I literally bought it and wore it out of the store. The brand is She & Sky and it rang in under $50. It runs true to size.

TIE DYE T-SHRT DRESS (available at Elementality)

Although I control Harlow's use of phones and screens, I can't resist taking her photo in the new Instagram filters. She looks adorable and/or hilarious in every single one! She's in a phase where she likes to make faces at herself which is ten times funnier with rabbit ears or nerd glasses on ha!

Another Friday favorite of ours is going out for Mexican food. Usually by Friday night this mama is ready for a margarita! And let me tell you: the Texas margarita at La Carreta on Hendersonville Road in south Asheville is whoa becky good! And S-T-R-O-N-G! And silly cheap. One drink, two tacos, and I'm good to go!

I wore this fun marigold linen tank from J. Crew that I recently bought and will probably go back for more colors. So comfy and I can wear my normal bra with it. Somebody asked me on Instagram if I had to iron this tank after I washed it and I'll say this: I'm not going to iron it bc I don't iron, but I will steam it to smooth it back out. Do y'all have a clothes steamer? It is a life saver!!! So quick and easy! This is the one we bought.

On Saturday I met Sophie of A Hopeful Sunflower in Biltmore Park to shoot some photos for a two-part blog collab! Our posts will be out in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned, but I will tell you she is just the sweetest!

While Harlow napped I uploaded and edited all of the photos from the morning's shoot (an unprecedented luxury!) while Mike mowed the grass, so after she woke up we were ready to get our Saturday on! We were in the mood for tacos and a friend keeps telling us how much she loves the tacos at The WALK in West Asheville so that's where we went! In all honesty, the tacos didn't blow me away and being the taco fiend that I am, I'll probably go elsewhere to get my taco fix in the future. But I did really enjoy my jalapeño raspberry margarita!

After lunch we strolled around the Montford Music and Arts festival. The weather made it feel like a summery day, and I love any excuse to stroll around, sipping lemonade, listening to live music and shopping! And admiring all the beautiful historic homes in the Montford district.

Having a kid reminds you to look at the world through the eyes of a child sometimes. It was so sweet watching the children run around in face paint, eating snow cones, drawing on the sidewalks in chalk. I was thiiiis close to indulging in a round of hopscotch!

My fave sandals are back this year! Adding a pop of leopard print is such a fun way to snazz up a summer outfit.

Of all the tents and booths selling pretty things at the festival, the one selling embroidered dresses for littles is the one that caught my eye the most! The vendor was Third World Tienda, and I found out that they are actually part of an organization through the Peace Corps that goes to Ecuador, organizes women artisans into co-ops, and pays them wages that allows them to work out of their homes so that they're still able to care for their families while making a living at the same time. I am SO into that! So between the amazing backstory and the gorgeous pieces, I got Harlow this beautiful red dress to wear this summer!

RED DRESS (available via Third World Tienda)

We resumed our brewery Sundays with our friends The Maultsbys and spent the rainy afternoon at Twin Leaf Brewery on South Slope. It's not the most widely-known brewery around town but every time I go they always have a beer I really like with lots of flavor for a reasonable ABV. The damp weather got me in the mood for a porter or stout and I really liked the chocolate milk stout they had on tap.

Despite the nasty weather we did dress Harlow in a bright and cheerful onesie I got for her on my trip to Austin (more on my Texas adventure here!). She got lots and lots of compliments on her Willie Nelson tee :D

I'd had pizza the night before so I wasn't in the mood for skinny jeans LOL (seriously though). I went for a jean skirt instead with my new striped tee from the Gap. I didn't like it tucked in or out so I tied it in a knot at the back to shorten it to the right length. I love this trick for getting tops to hit at the right place.

GAP STRIPED TEE // DENIM SKIRT (old Banana Republic, similar style linked)

All the rain was kind of inconvenient but meant good things for our plants! Look at our hydrangeas budding! I mean, it's kind of the way this is supposed to go but since this means I'm doing something right and haven't managed to over or under water my plants yet, I'm calling this a win! We planted one on each side of our front porch and my vision is for them to get nice and full to frame the entryway into our house. Fingers crossed!

We called it an early night on Sunday -- if I'm going to avoid the Sunday scaries and be ready to dive in on Monday, I have to keep it chill on Sunday night and hit the hay on the earlier side. Usually you can find me snuggled up in bed with a book or watching something on the BBC. With a heating pad. I turn into such a granny at night and I love it! I need it to keep my life in balance. I have to have some quiet "me" time every week or else I get too wound up and feel stretched too thin.

Sometimes I wish I could be one of those people that can just keep pushing and doing and not need regular time outs...but that's just not me. And I'm trying to be more and more okay with that truth and look at it from a positive POV. I found this quote the other day and it really resonated with me, someone who is super duper highly critical of themselves and always second guesses their decisions. Isn't this quote such a beautiful thought?? I hope it resonates with you as much as it did with me!

Before I wrap up, I feel the need to point out how awesome J. Crew's earring collection is right now! With all the color and cool necklines happening in fashion this season, a fun statement earring is such a great way to accessorize your look. I have to say the fruit shapes have really won me over -- thinking the cherry hoops would be too cute with the crochet dress I showed at the beginning of this post! Which ones are your favorites?

1 | 2 | 3

4 | 5 | 6

7 | 8 | 9

Thanks for stopping by and spending some of your day with me! I'll be back Wednesday with an outfit post. Enjoy your day!

💜 Brooke

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