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Rainbow Ruffles

This may be the most cheerful summer dress I've ever found! The minute I saw it I was in a good mood and felt like going for ice cream :D The rainbow stripes combined with the ruffled neckline is just so super cute!

You know I'm all about affordable fashion if and when the pieces are well-made, fit correctly, and could fool even a fashion editor over how much you paid for it. When you're a mom juggling budgets and bills, you gotta get resourceful! But that doesn't mean you can't still dress well!

I love ASOS for reasonably priced dresses and shoes. They have so many options to suit all kinds of bodies, tastes, and style preferences. This dress cost less than $60 and my shoes were only $32! And they are actually comfortable and the heel didn't fall off as soon as I put them on :D

Although I usually order dresses in size small or 4, I find that ASOS typically runs smaller on me. Friends of mine say the same thing, so I'd say it's probably good practice to size up when you order from them. And go ahead and pay for the $20 for a year of free two-day shipping because once you go ASOS you never go back. And in the age of Prime, we want our pretty new things and we want them yesterday ;D

Where do you like to buy your summer dresses? I always love finding new places to scout pretty things for good prices!

Hope you're having an excellent week! Only two sleeps 'til the weekend! xxBrooke


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