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Decor: Modern Map Art

Charleston Map (c/o Modern Map Art)

Whenever I go somewhere I love, I always like to bring a little piece of that magical place home with me. Sometimes it's a trinket made by a local artisan, sometimes it's food or wine (hello, Paris wine market!), or maybe clothing or jewelry if it's something I can only buy in that particular place.

Maybe the thing I love to collect the most from our travels is art. Mike and I bought two gorgeous prints from a gallery in Venice, and I still get pangs of regret when I think about the beautiful water color I walked away from at the artist's market by the Sacre Coeur.

Sometimes finding affordable art is the hard part, or even getting it back in your suitcase without damaging it.

When I discovered Modern Map Art, the first thing I thought was 'what a cool way to add a touch of modern art to a room while celebrating a place you love or have wonderful memories of.' They have tons of cities to choose from all over the world, even Asheville!

We wound up choosing Charleston in dedication to where we met, got engaged, and built out first house together. Asheville is home in more ways than one, but we grew our love and relationship in the Holy City and thought it needed some representation in our mountain home.

I love how the stark black and white design emphasizes things like coast lines, rivers, and roads. It's fun to try and find where your house or office or favorite restaurant is on a map like this. It's not as easy as it looks!

These are just a few of my favorite places on the planet -- be sure to check out Modern Map Art to see all the cities they feature. Their prints come in a range of sizes, and some even come in throw pillows, including Asheville!

**Please excuse the gray mantel protector! In case you need to protect your early walker from sharp edges, too, it's linked here.**


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