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Thigh-Friendly Denim Shorts

As far as post titles go, this one cracks me up! But for reals: how many times have you tried on or ordered jean shorts and they are SO freaking unflattering in the thighs?! I don't know why designers insist on selling us jean shorts that rub, chafe, and hug us in all the wrong areas. Not only do most of us not have supermodel thigh gap, but sometimes even the models don't look comfortable in spray-on denim! Something's gone terribly wrong in the jean shorts design factory...

(*carefully steps down from soap box*)

Years ago I bought a pair of Juicy Couture jean shorts from Saks Off 5th that I wore for years and years and years. They fit perfectly and I didn't give a flip about how old they were -- jean shorts never go out of style! (Well, most of them don't.) Sadly, they finally - and literally - came apart at the seams so I had to replace them. I was nervous about it considering everything I bitched about in the first paragraph...but luckily I found a good replacement that I've been wearing on repeat!

These Topshop mom jean shorts fit great through the thighs but they are high-waisted...which means they look great with certain tops but may not be the best choice on pizza night LOL! And if you can't tell, they are short! I also love the distressing! Whenever I wear jean shorts during the summer I'm going for a casual-bum-around-laid-back-boho vibe (did you get all that?) that the distressing gets across...

I always feel like I need to issue a disclaimer when saying something is "thigh friendly" because no item of clothing ever looked great on every single person. I don't care what the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants told you. But in general terms, these jean shorts don't constrict the thighs...but they do show off your legs!

Where do you find comfy jean shorts for summer? They're such a staple for me that I could always use more than one good pair. Thank for reading and shopping with me -- hope you have a wonderful day!


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