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Life Lately: Fourth of July in Charlotte, NC

Happy Friday!!! How awesome is it that we're already at the weekend again?? I feel like I just got over the long holiday we just had haha! Oh well, problems I'm totally okay with having.

We were supposed to all go to Charlotte to visit my brother last weekend but since Mike was coming off a hellacious work week he just wanted to sleep in his own bed and visit with his cousin who was coming into Asheville. So he suggested I go to Charlotte by myself. He did NOT have to ask me twice.

After a frustrating drive -- and driving through downtown Saluda on Coon Dog Day thanks to Google Maps -- I arrived in Charlotte and immediately got down to business.

And by business I mean drinking rosé in pretty glasses on outdoor patios.

Brooke Williams drinks rosé at Essex in downtown Charlotte

DRESS (just $30) // NECKLACES (COLLAR + PENDANT) // LIP (in color Lily)

My brother is the best at sniffing out restaurants that serve delicious food with darling decor. We went everywhere, from the Essex in uptown Charlotte (where the above photo was taken right before a gullywasher hit!) to Twenty-Two wine bar in Plaza Midwood (see below).

Twenty Two in Plaza Midwood in Charlotte NC

I could move into the Dilworth Tasting Room. It's got an awesome wine list; they brought us three types of rosé to sample, a French, a Spanish, and a Corsican. We both chose the French and ordered a giant charcuterie and cheese platter. Then there's that gorgeous oasis of a patio hidden off the side....I was so sad it was raining and we couldn't sit out there!

Bar in Dilworth Tasting Room in Charlotte NC
charcuterie and cheese board at Dilworth Tasting Room in Charlotte NC

hello Kitty framed artwork at Dilworth Tasting Room in Charlotte NC
Outdoor patio at Dilworth Tasting Room in Charlotte NC
Brooke Williams at Dilworth Tasting Room in Charlotte NC

We capped off our evening with spicy cocktails on the porch of The Summit Room. We sat in the rocking chairs, sipped our drinks, and sang Bruno Mars' "Versace On The Floor" with our waiter! This mom -- who is rarely out in public after 8PM -- was cheesing so hard! My excited state did cloud my judgment and I may have inadvertently rerouted my Spotify to play Bruno Mars in Harlow's room (as she was sleeping) instead of on my phone. Whoops!

Spicy margarita at The Summit Room in Charlotte NC
Rainbow over Atherton Mill in Charlotte NC

We continued eating and drinking our way around Charlotte the next morning with brunch at Reid's in Southpark. I always take pictures of that to-die-for magnolia wallpaper. Their green and white branding is so everywhere you look but somehow it's not too much. I just love their pretty patio with the pop of yellow flowers!

Magnolia wallpaper at Reid's Southpark
Interior of Reid's Southpark

Me with the Ron Swanson plate o' meat. I didn't even finish that wedge of french toast or eat the English muffin.

Brunch Buffet and Mimosas at Reid's Southpark
Outdoor Patio at Reid's Southpark
Red white and blue outfit for fourth of July at Reid's Southpark

TOP (on sale for $10) // SHORTS // SCARF // SUNGLASSES // LIP

After brunch we did a little damage in Southpark Mall. Loooove me some Southpark Mall! If I get a chance to shop at Nordstrom I can't pass it up. They were having a big sale so I ordered this dress in blush that had sold out online and they found for me in a store! So I don't have a picture to show :( I also scored a pair of Liberty shorts at J. Crew that had sold out online. See the good things that can happen when you shop in a store instead of online??


We finished the day back at the cutest place called Kid Cashew. It got it's name for the baby goat the owner had on his farm in Greece where he grew up. Squeal! Now I want a baby goat just so I can name him Cashew!! (Easy, PETA, I'm not getting a goat).

Their food is super delicious but Y'ALL they have the best sparkling rosé I've ever had for just $34 a bottle. That's a good price for a restaurant bottle of wine so I can only imagine it's pretty reasonable to buy in a store. Whatever it is it's worth it! It's got the perfect balance of sweetness and dryness.

And that decor though...crystal chandeliers and trestle tables and cafe chairs! Swoon!

Decor at Kid Cashew in Charlotte NC
Filament Sconce at Kid Cashew in Charlotte NC
Veuve Devienne Sparkling Rosé at Kid Cashew in Charlotte NC

This was hanging in the women's bathroom. Seems a bit risqué for the era, no?

Vintage People Magazine cover from 1955

On Tuesday the 4th I was back in Asheville and ready to celebrate Independence Day my favorite way: by the pool during the day, then on a porch with plate full of American fare in the evening.

We went to my grandmother's house for supper and I was in sentimental heaven. I spent many a summer evening as a kid on her back screen porch, or playing in her yard. We don't get to do it very often anymore, so I soaked up every second, especially when Harlow was out playing in the grass like I used to. I may have gotten a little misty over it...

Williams family in red white blue outfits for fourth of July

It got lit ;)

We didn't get to see any fireworks because Harlow was waaaay too tired. That's okay though, so was I! I hope everybody got to spend the Fourth the way they wanted to, with family and friends, or doing their favorite pastime.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend! See you again on Monday! xxBrooke

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