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How I Afford Designer Brands: J. Smith Boutique

Way back when during my college years, I started shopping consignment at this place right on Franklin Street that I think has since closed. Remember this was the early 2000s so I was always on the lookout for designer jeans from Blue Cult or True Religion and a solid going-out top that fit a college kid's budget. Once I found a cropped puffy vest from bebe hiding in a corner and I thought I'd struck gold LOL! How far we've come with what we consider stylish thank GOODNESS!

Here in Asheville, I adore J. Smith Boutique off of Long Shoals. It's my fave consignment boutique in town because the inventory is so amazing. Especially the shoes, geeeez!!! They've got Manolos, Stuart Weitzman's, Gucci and YSL heels...and tons more. I styled these two looks with pieces I picked up at J. Smith and you guys let me just tell you how obsessed I am with all of them.

I always gravitate towards dresses, especially during the summer when that's all I want to wear. I love both of these dresses because you could wear them to work and then out later, or even just out to dinner and drinks with friends. They're both super versatile.


For this Hugo Boss shirt dress, I layered a black slip dress underneath and styled it with these beautiful beaded Tory Burch wedges. As we head into Fall, I'd add a jean jacket and booties, and maybe even some tights when it really cools down.


OMG you guys this polka dot Tucker dress is soooo comfortable! It was over 90 degrees the day I wore it and it did not feel hot or clingy at all. It skims the body but the cut and tie-waist belt still lets your figure show. I styled it with these Manolo mules that I'm dyyyying to get! Not only is the mule the "it" shoe right now but the color and design made it feel more like a smart slide than a kitten heel. They picked up the cinnamon shade in this pretty clutch I found there, too!


Being the shopping obsessed gal that I am (I know my truth), I have to find ways to grow my wardrobe intelligently and affordably. Shopping consignment has always been one of the best ways to do it, and has been the number one reason I've added designer labels to my closet over the last several years. Thakoon, Veronica Beard, Equipment, Tucker, Phillip Lim, and Desigual are just a few of the brands I've been able to indulge in without breaking my budget simply because I found them while shopping in my fave consignment boutiques.

Another reason I love shopping consignment is it's a great way to add a statement piece to your wardrobe that you may only wear once or twice and not feel too terrible about it. First of all, let me say that I'm a HUUUUUUGE proponent of cost-per-wear purchasing. Meaning, before you buy something, think of how often you will wear it and then divide the total cost of the garment or accessory by the frequency of wear to evaluate how smart of a purchase it really is. The math speaks for itself and it's the wisest way to intelligently invest in clothing.

That being said, we ALL know we go for that piece to wow the crowd when we're going to a party, event, wedding, etc. But once we're seen wearing it in pictures, we feel like we can't wear it again, or at least anytime soon. It sounds ridiculous but you know you've thought it! This way you can buy something fun, be photographed in it, and not feel guilty for not wearing again it for awhile. Often you can find lots of statement pieces at a consignment shop for a more reasonable price than something hot off the presses. And if you find the right boutique, you'd be amazed at how many pieces are fairly new and barely (if at all) worn.


The pieces I pulled for this post are available at J. Smith. While they're not available to purchase online, here is their information if you want to pop in to see they're amazing stuff for yourself! Just tell them you want to shop the items you saw on The Tony Townie :)

The Overlook at Lake Julian 100 Julian Lane, Suite 120 Arden, NC 28704


Phone: 1.828.650.6566

Photography by Catrina Earls

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