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Frugal Friday: Everything Under $50!

Hey y'all hey! I've been toying around with the idea of starting a recurring theme post one day a week to give the blog some continuity and maybe even something to look forward to! And I figured I may as well pick something I'm seriously passionate about. And that thing is budget shopping. Here's a quick rundown of what I've got in store!

WHY // We're ALL trying to live life in balance. Trying to do our best to be our best on the buck we have. There are all kinds of things tugging at our pocket strings to make us spend spend spend. Groceries are more expensive than ever. Keeping children in diapers with wiped hineys tallies over a hundy a month alone! Household expenses, job expenses, childcare, dogs, savings...and somewhere in there we're supposed to have a little fun, too.

WHAT // That's what my Frugal Friday posts are all about -- sharing clothing, accessories, beauty products, home decor, etc. that are all affordable. Little pretty things we can treat ourselves to without feeling guilty or overextended. And if that's not already good enough, you'll get the thrill of feeling like you bought champagne on a Boone's Farm budget LOL!

HOW MUCH // Moving forward, I'll put together collections of items from across all categories or sometimes focus on one particular type of clothing or decor. But always -- ALWAYS -- everything will cost $50 or less!

HOW IT WORKS // Last but not least, my Frugal Friday collages are all click-to-shop enabled. Meaning, you don't have to find the text link or number that coincides with the object -- you can click directly on whichever product you like and it will route you to the product page!

Simple. Easy. Affordable. Adorable. TGIFF!

Remember! You can just click on the product above to reroute to the product's landing page. No text links required! No matching descriptions with images necessary -- hip hip hooray!

Hope you all are a tenth as excited as I am about the new Frugal Friday roll out LOLLL! I plan on sharing these under $50 shopping posts every Friday from now on. If you have any requests or ideas for a theme -- office decor, shoes, earrings, dresses, for example -- shoot me an email or DM me on Instagram or Facebook!

Have a happy Frugal Friday everybody! See you on Monday!


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