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Let's Shop Together (Yeah, Yeah Yeah!)

TANK // SHORTS (sold out, similar here and here) // BAG // SUNNIES // SHOES (available at J. Smith Boutique)

Hey hey hey! (Welp, Taylor Swift is totally stuck in my head right about now.) I realize I said in Wednesday's post that I'd be debuting my Frugal Friday posts frugal frocks have yet to arrive in the mail for me to photograph and share! And it wouldn't be very true to the nature of the game to pay for expedited shipping, now would it?

So! Instead I want to highlight a new page I added to the blog menu bar this week. It's called "Wishlist." There it is, third from the left. Just waiting to be clicked...clicked...clicked...clicked....(okay now I'm singing Jay-Z/Kanye...)

I'm gonna stop playing "Name That Tune" long enough to tell you that the Wishlist page is entirely dedicated to items on guessed it!...wishlist. Or in my online shopping carts. They are pieces that I'm personally very interested in adding to my collection. Not just "oh, that's cute!" stuff. Things I plan on purchasing if and when I can.

You may see them in future outfit posts, so consider this a one-time spoiler alert!

Every item has a little caption that says what I like about the piece. What makes it different, or how I would wear it. Most of the time my reasons will be logical but there's always the possibility that one day it'll say "because this is badass and pretty and I like badass and pretty things."

Anyhoo! I included this new page because I'm often asked where I bought something, where I shop, what I think are good pieces to buy each season, etc. Another reason is because it's a great hack for smarter shopping. Creating a page (or private Pinterest board, for instance) that houses things you're really serious about buying will help curb impulse buys and serve as a reference point if you're ready to shop and can't recall the exact pieces you need or want. Shopping can be overwhelming and impulsive (I kinda said that already, sorry!), so I love using these simple tools that I can pull up on my phone when I'm shopping online in a mall LOL!

I'll be changing the Wishlist items as the seasons change. Right now it's all about Fall and I'm soooo excited about all the cozy, velvety, jewel tone-y things that are on the list already. And certainly about what's to come as the leaves start to change and s'mores fire pit parties crank up!

Items will be updated at least once a week so be sure to check out the new adds whenever you visit the blog!

Thanks for reading this far too wordy, overexcited, rambling bit on my new feature. Hope you like it as much as I do! And next Friday I PROMISE to launch the Frugal Friday series.

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! xxBrooke

Photos by Catrina Earls

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