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Frugal Friday: Black, White + Red All Over

Happy Fryyyyday! I get excited for Friday because among many things it means I get to cheat on my "diet" with cheese dip and a margarita! :D We've made Mexican food our go-to Friday night family dinner and you won't find me complaining! Harlow is at her best when she can dip her chips and enjoy a little Moana at the table (provided she acted nicely and ate well). We ALL get a little treat on Fridays -- thats what TGIF is all about right?! She had a great first week at pre-school and what better way to celebrate than over queso?

Speaking of little guys. This week's Frugal Friday edit is full of amazing finds that are all black, white, red, or a combination of those colors. Typically I don't go for this trio of colors since I'm a Tar Heel and am literally surrounded my wolves who want to make this about me switching sides which will never ever happen LOL! But seriously, if you're an NC State, Georgia, Ohio State, or Gamecocks fan, this stuff was made for you!

And alma maters and rivalries aside, you can't beat basic black and white, and red is a majorly trending color this season. The pieces I've got my eye on in particular are the plaid Burberry-esque cardigan, the Marc Jacobs shoe dupes, the travel wrap, and the red ruffled sweater. I'm in a very cozy state of mind right now so all the snuggly things are getting my vote! Which are your favorites!

Friendly reminder -- you can click right on the images to shop or on the text links below xx

This weekend I'll be keeping everyone in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas in my prayers as Irma nears our shores. Please stay safe!


PS -- Here's the link for the criss cross tee I'm wearing on Insta today!

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