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Our Weekend + 12 Funny Things About Adulting

Happy Monday everybody! We had such a wonderful weekend. Saturday we went out to shoot some blog content that involved burritos (wining!) and that night went to my grandmother's house to celebrate her 85th birthday! She and I are incredibly close and it was a very happy night for all of us.

Unfortunately I've been dealing with spells of dizziness for some reason and they got pretty bad on Sunday so Mike let me rest and take a mega nap and it was amaaaazing! He and Harlow took turns watching the NFL and Moana :D I felt better after sleeping so we went out to grab dinner and watch the rest of the Cowboys game. Woof, that was a bad one. At least we had fun playing with Harlow outside after we ate! It was dusk so the photo is kinda grainy. Also Harlow was at the end of her rope and was not interested in taking pictures or giving me kisses. Sad mommy status.

My TEE // CHINOS // CARDIGAN (similar) // SNEAKERS // Harlow's JERSEY (all teams available!) // JOGGERS // SNEAKERS

Do y'all ever sit back and laugh at all the funny things we get so wrapped up in as adults? Like when did we become so adamant about which brand of paper towels we buy? I'm a hardcore Viva girl and would cut other things out of my budget as long as I can have my favorite paper towels. Jeez Louise when did I reach this point in my life?? The same goes for so many other decisions I make, many of which I realize revolve around brand loyalty or inconsistent rationalizations. Or something like that...

Other things that tickle my funny bone: things we're supposed to have mastered by now but sooooo have not. Some of them are probably just never gonna happen, YouTube tutorials and lifehack articles be damned. You'll see what I mean below.

  1. Folding a fitted sheet. What. The. Hell. I've never ever successfully folded a fitted sheet. Nothing makes me want to punch a hole through a wall quite like this one. Who can do this?? The only person around my age who I know can do this well is my friend Virginia. It's never happening for me. My apologies to my linen closet and Martha Stewart.

  2. Coiling a water hose. At least this one I've done successfully a handful of times. But it's no guarantee. Just when I think my coils are going well the hose gets a kink and it all goes to pot. I've definitely throw it on the ground, stomped on it, and yelled "be that way!" My water hose likes to spite me.

  3. How we take our coffee. Oh boy, fixing someone's coffee the wrong way is grounds for a fight! Most of us pull ourselves out of bed on the promise of coffee alone, but not just any coffee, our coffee. I like mine half regular, half decaf, with Natural Bliss Vanilla Almond Milk Creamer. It's sweet but not too much. If I'm ordering at a café I usually get a small regular with half-and-half, with a little honey and ground cinnamon but it's definitely not the same. I love hearing all the crazy orders at Starbucks; half the modifications I don't even understand! Like, I wanna know how many times Jane Doe experimented with her number of pumps before she landed on the right one. And how does ANYONE order theirs extra hot?!?! Mine scalds me for the first ten minutes as it is!

  4. Fast Food. Let me get this straight: it's trendy to like Chick-fil-A, but admitting you like McDonald's is almost as bad as telling someone you pick your nose. Well GUESS WHAT?? I like McDonalds! And if I'm traveling (or, lets be real, hungover) nothing beats a double cheeseburger, salty french fries, and a cold Coca-Cola from Mickey D's. But yeah, I love CFA and caught myself thinking it was "healthier" fast food? At least we can get kale salads now haha!

  5. Morning News/Talk Shows. Are you a Today Show or GMA loyalist? Does anybody even watch the CBS Morning Show? I've gone back and forth through the years. Loved Today when Meredith Viera was on, then switched to GMA for a bit, then went back because I thought the whole vibe of the show was like parents showing up at their teenagers birthday party. Trying too hard. With the exception of Robin Roberts, she's amaaazing! I love the balance of stories Today features, and I think Jenna Bush Hager is adorable...but I'm still sad Tamron Hall left. She was my GIRL. Smart as a whip, sweet, stylish, and loves the Cowboys.

  6. Bugs in the house. Do y'all have an unspoken or maybe spoken agreement in your house about who kills the bugs? For us it's Mike, even though he's not thrilled about it. But he knows if he doesn't do it I'll just vacuum them up and that's not ideal haha! You know which bug gets me the most? Moths! First of all, I don't squish anything with wings (except bees). But you know those suckers are gonna eat holes in your clothes or curtains if you don't get them out! It always seems the bugs like to come in the most when Mike isn't home.

  7. Peeling off labels or stickers. Getting a label or sticker off in one piece and one pull may be the most satisfying thing ever. Like you wanna tell somebody bc you're so proud and they'd probably appreciate it bc it so rarely goes that way. I swear, the products that you need to remove the stickers from most of all are always the ones that come off in a million pieces and leave a sticky residue. Nobody should have to waste time trying to get the sticker off in the first place and then even more time rubbing it down with Goo Gone. Just use better glue please!

  8. Cable vs. Satellite. We may be the most devoted DirecTV customers ever haha! They've got the best customer service (lets hope AT&T doesn't ruin it, they're the worst of the worst). I love all their features, including whole home DVR, Pandora, Sunday Ticket, etc. I've met alot of DirecTV loyalists. I've never met anybody who loved Time Warner, and Comcast isn't far behind. We had cable when we lived in the townhouse in Biltmore Park and were surprised how far behind DTV the capabilities were. I'm like adamant about DTV being the best but recently had a conversation with someone how was like 'no way' just as adamantly!

  9. Carrying a trillion grocery bags at once. Raise your hand if you'd rather give yourself a back problem than take multiple trips to the car to unload your groceries? Hahaha! It's like a challenge. Wanna know another perk of using reusable bags for your groceries? They put way more in them instead of like two or three measly things per plastic bag and you wind up with a zillion of them. Buuut then they weigh like 20 pounds, so you kinda have to pump yourself up and consider it a quick workout. Even more so if you've got a small child in the mix somewhere.

  10. Toilet paper -- over or under? Wow, this one. It's just a step behind politics and religion on the list of things you don't want to bring up at a party or the dinner table. People feel strongly about this one LOL! My vote: over. But at the end of the day, we should just be grateful to have toilet paper at all...if you need it, you need it! Who cares which way it's pointing. Just my two cents.

I know there are so many more funny adulting things that are ridiculous and yet feel so important to us at the same time. Any come to mind for you?

Thanks for sharing in some laughs with me! Hope you're having a great day!


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