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Fall Color Combo: Pink + Olive

When I'm shopping for or styling my clients, I love to play with color combinations that they may not have thought to try before to add a breath of fresh air to their wardrobe. Sometimes it means buying a piece here or there in a color they've never tried, or maybe it's simply pairing items they already own and never thought to put together!

I love olive and dusty rose/blush pinks together for fall. Add in one of your core neutrals with a third piece to balance it out, like a gray tee under a pink cardigan, or a white sweater to tone down your colorful pants and shoes. Think of it as adding soda to your vodka cocktail: mixing two colors is a stronger look, so it needs to be softened with an easy neutral to avoid outfit overdose! (Thanks to Hilary Rushford for that awesome metaphor!)

These moto leggings are just what I want to liven up my sweaters and t-shirts for a stylized day look. The above three outfit ideas are just some of the fun ways to dress them with a complimentary shade of pink.

What do you think? Would you try wearing olive with pink for a fresh fall style? Hope you found this post helpful -- let me know if you want to see more like it!

Have a wonderful day!



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